Entrepreneurship boot camp altering the lives of Brazos Valley veterans


BRAZOS COUNTY, TX – Texas A & M’s business school invests in helping veterans after their 11th birthday.

Erik Moratzka completed the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for veterans in 2013.

“Oh, it was phenomenal, life changing,” Moratzka told KRHD 25 News.

A week after graduating, Moratzka started his own company and has been his own boss ever since.

“I was afraid of that. It’s a giant leap. And it worked,” said Moratzka.

The Executive Director has seen hundreds, as has Moratzka, overcome their fears through this bootcamp style program.

“People who have faced some of the most terrifying and threatening scenarios and here this person was scared to start their own business and now with the program they felt empowered and they felt educated to be successful in something that served them Scared, ”said Blake Petty, executive director of the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship.

“Don’t be afraid. A lot of people are afraid of failure. That happens, it’s life,” said Daniel Hux, veteran.

Hux sees the value of this week-long program to help veterans get started in the entrepreneurial world.

“Some people just need a little nudge, and while it takes a week, that could be the basis for starting something great,” said Hux.

Moratzka is so grateful for EBV that he acts as a mentor every year.

“It’s really important to just offer your ear, your time,” said Moratzka.

The program is looking for mentors to guide participants in July.

“As a mentor, I can absolutely guarantee that you will get so much, maybe even more, out of this experience,” said Petty.

This year’s program runs from July 10th to 17th.

You can apply online here and choose which days and times are suitable for you.