Entrepreneurship Drive brings Enterprise Showers to India


Business showers are a new trend in the entrepreneurial industry. The idea started when Elon Musk’s tweet went viral: “Let’s have business parties instead of baby showers. When a friend starts a business, we all get together, congratulate them, and contribute resources to the business. ”And like everything he talks about, this one became popular. Everyone wrote or posted about it. But do people really accept that? Can business showers also be used in India, where Godh Bharai is a common custom?

We have not yet seen any business showers in India when Entrepreneurship Drive, a specialist management consultancy led by Aditi Jaiswal, hosted one. Entrepreneurship Drive helps new age startups as well as traditional businesses with the support and guidance they need to grow. They also offer bespoke investment solutions for investors by showcasing emerging asset markets with high growth potential. They recently curated their very first business shower at the Radisson Hotel, Delhi on August 27, 2021. The goal was to celebrate their client’s milestone, Sanjay Pawah, and to create a business community. Sanjay Pawah, owner of AP Engineering and entrepreneur who is looked after by Entrepreneurship Drive, has in the last 5 months achieved double the turnover in his SME business and 5 times the turnover in his coaching company. At this event he also presented his book “Company – Tradition to Innovation”.

Business showers are a great way to show support to entrepreneurs who are beginning or stuck at a crossroads. Entrepreneurs live very stressful lives of uncertainty and exhaustion, followed by the constant fear of failure, which in turn requires increased caution. The ecosystem is not always invigorating. In such a situation, business showers can provide the necessary emotional and mental support. In most cases also financially. HNIs, investors, mentors, consultants, experienced entrepreneurs and promoters took part in the business shower organized by Entrepreneurship Drive. Investors like Modular Capital, Fluid VC, Agility Ventures and so on attended the event.

Not only do entrepreneurs benefit from this, but investors too. Investors have the option to fund carefully audited companies or to take notes for future investments. Entrepreneurship Drive represents companies in which it is relatively safer to invest, with above-average returns. These companies are supported by a strong safety net. Investors are introduced at the most convenient time to invest in a company, along with a full risk profile analysis and B2B SaaS. The process is monitored from the deal identification to the exit.

Aditi Jaiswal, founder of Entrepreneurship Drive, says, “When a community thrives, business and industry thrive. Our mission is to build and support companies, companies that create value while solving a problem. We help entrepreneurs, consultants and investors make informed decisions through a series of proprietary simple matrices. We build things that last. “

Although business showers sound flowery, people in India are still not very interested in organizing them. In India, society tends to have certain prejudices against new businesses as long as you do not come from an entrepreneurial family. A 9-to-5 job is considered a haven. In such a scenario, new businesses should turn to business incubators, accelerators, or grants for the assistance they need. If companies need more specific action plans, mentoring, or guidance, they should turn to companies supporting new businesses with end-to-end business solutions.

Companies like Entrepreneurship Drive have a wide range of expertise and understanding of recent trends to catalyze businesses. Except for business showers, which they schedule on a regular basis. You run monthly pitch calls with resident investors in specific areas like B2B SAAS, Commercial Real Estate, Agritech, Crypto, Language Marketplace and come across startups that are promising but not in their area for investment or ticket size and recommend them to relevant networks and friends . You have also previously helped entrepreneurs get into world class international incubators. It is safe to say that organizations like these can be relied on as they transform new businesses into larger companies.