Entrepreneurship Drive: Creating A Wholesome Ecosystem For Entrepreneurs To Thrive


Business showers are common internationally, especially in the US and Australia, and could soon be gaining momentum in India as well. Last week, Entrepreneurship Drive organized its very first business shower at the Radisson Hotel, Delhi. They celebrated milestones reached by Sanjay Pawah, owner of APEngineering, where he doubled sales for his SMB business in just 5 months and increased his coaching company five times. Sanjay Pawah, who is overseen by Entrepreneurship Drive, has also published his book “Businesses – Tradition to Innovation”.

The business shower organized by Entrepreneurship Drive is a great necessity for the industry. Companies like Entrepreneurship Drive present tailor-made investment solutions and investment markets with high growth potential for investors. These are ready-to-buy businesses served on a plate. The benefits of investing in these companies? They offer the investment markets above-average returns, a strong safety net backed by research and rigorous management. By giving the most favorable time to invest, they also oversee the process from transaction identification to exit. Investors also receive a risk profile analysis with full B2B SaaS, which further reduces downside risks. It is to be expected that the returns will multiply within 3-6 years from double sales to ten times sales.

Led by industry veteran Aditi Jaiswal, Entrepreneurship Drive has a strong team running the businesses, with names like Satish Kataria as the partnerships and investment leader. Satish is a resident investor and was previously the investment head of two renowned VC funds. He is the pioneer in revenue based funding and crowdfunding in India. Apart from this entrepreneurship drive, there is a community of investors and if not fully invested, there is the possibility of co-investment.

Entrepreneurship Drive not only helps investors find the next company they want to invest in, but also plays an important role in finding the companies they care for. they offer

three main services; Advice, mentoring and pivoting. Depending on the phase the company is in, they create a tailor-made roadmap that supports companies in all necessary aspects. From brainstorming to marketing, adding industries, global strategic alliances, the list goes on.

In most cases, companies turn to investors by chance, investor platforms without investor scoping or matching. Different investors target different markets for investment. Companies lose funding opportunities when they turn to imprecise investors. Finding an investor who wants to fund your specific business market is a skill that comes with years of experience. This is where entrepreneurship drive comes into play. Not only do they help find companies with the right investor, but they also find them at the right time, when capital is most needed – in the early stages. Entrepreneurship Drive has a process with national and international investors. Investors like Agility Ventures, Modular Capital and so on.

Entrepreneurship Drive works with platforms like Vivek Kumar’s Venture Garage with over 500 to 1000 investors. When a founder is suggested by Entrepreneurship Drive, Aditi Jaiswal (Founder, Entrepreneurship Drive) and Vivek Kumar sit down in person and take a look at the company on a cellular level and analyze whether it is a company they want to invest in and which investor the right would fit right. Venture Garage specializes in raising funds to a business at a young age, which is a huge boost for entrepreneurs. This fabric is so well knitted that it creates opportunities and opportunities for the entire ecosystem. However, not every company in the community gets funding; it depends entirely on why the company needs it. Such a process has accelerated growth and dramatically reduced the learning curve of new companies. This also creates the opportunity for a new business to become a unicorn within 3-4 years, which would take much longer before.

Aditi Jaiswal of the Business Shower said, “Business showers not only celebrate entrepreneurship, they also create an extremely useful ecosystem of companies, investments, experts and mentors. The aim is to create a dense and valuable ecosystem. The energy and vibration brought to such an event is alive. With inspiring stories from fellow entrepreneurs to business comedy, everything creates a healthy environment for investors and entrepreneurs. We plan the production

Business is a norm in India as I truly believe that a valuable bond is the new currency and when the community thrives, business thrives. “