Entrepreneurship excellence in INCUBATE’s 2021 consumption


INCUBATE Accelerator Class 16 start-ups

The INCUBATE Accelerator Class 16 startups are:

  • Change study – – An online platform that connects international students with Australian education providers and simplifies the complex application process.
  • ACWA – – A passive atmospheric water intake technology that collects and processes water from the atmosphere to provide a sustainable source of water at a low cost and function 24 hours a day.
  • Ballot box – is a platform that puts democracy in everyone’s hands. The app enables people to review the stance of political parties and discuss key issues with those in power in one central location.
  • Codex research – – Unique bioreactor technology that enables researchers to cure disease without the need to conduct animal testing. The technology will revolutionize disease discovery and treatment by developing accurate models of human biology.
  • Kidcampus – – Australia’s largest central location too Help parents find, compare, and book the best programs for their children after school and on vacation.
  • KOBI – – produces sustainably manufactured and waterproof designer cork handbags to offer women an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional leather and plastic-based handbags.
  • Neurgeon – uses closed-loop rehabilitation loops to help patients get moving again after a stroke and to heal quickly, easily and inexpensively.
  • Newsplay – – The aim is to provide personalized, curated news content in over 16 languages ​​around the clock via the unique AI animatronitc newsreader SAM (smart.anchor.machine).
  • Pixii – – Australia’s most environmentally friendly products from the time, made from 100 percent organic cotton with no plastic. Pixii is designed to be freely available at work, schools, and more.
  • Refundid – – Instant refunds for online purchases. By removing the current 7-14 day refund waiting time, Refundid improves customer satisfaction and increases sales for stores.

ACWA founder Chiara Neto is Professor and Future Fellow of the Australian Research Council at the School of Chemistry and a member of the Nano Institute at the University of Sydney.

“The INCUBATE program exposes our team – both students and staff – to a range of skills, mindsets and networks that we rarely develop in our normal academic work. Incubation is a great asset to the university and we are grateful that we were included in this year’s program, ”said Professor Neto.

INCUBATE’s 14-week incubation program provides entrepreneurs with $ 5,000 start-up capital, on-campus work space, mentoring, advice and guidance from some of Australia’s most experienced mentors, and access to professional university networks and supporting organizations.