Entrepreneurship group Endeavor opens department in Romania


The entrepreneurship organization Endeavor has opened a branch in Romania, one of which is the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The EBRD supported the opening of Endeavor’s local office by providing a grant of EUR 450,000 from the Turkey-EBRD Cooperation Fund supported by the Turkish Ministry of Finance and Finance.

Endeavor helps entrepreneurs scale up and operates in more than 30 countries in Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the United States. It currently supports over 2,000 entrepreneurs who provide a world class network and services to help them grow. Last year, Endeavor entrepreneurs had annual sales of more than $ 20 billion and created over 4.1 million jobs, the EBRD said.

“Endeavor offers Romanian entrepreneurs a world-class seal of approval, an unrivaled personal and professional network, smooth co-investment capital and a peer-to-peer exchange of ideas in a truly global environment,” said Mihnea Craciun, Managing Director of Endeavor Romania.

“Our goal is to select, mentor and accelerate the best high-impact entrepreneurs dramatically by helping them think bigger, make better decisions by accessing talent, investors and global markets, and multiplying their impact. by being role models, mentors and investors in their local ecosystems. “

The EBRD has partnered with DIY chain Dedeman and Globalworth, a real estate company operating in CEE, to “increase the Endeavor push for Romanian entrepreneurs”.

The EBRD also helped identify and select a Board of Directors for Endeavor Romania. The local board of directors is led by Marius Stefan, CEO and co-founder of Autonom Group, and includes Monica Cadogan and Calin Fusu, co-founders of Vivre, Vargha Moayed, chief strategy officer of UiPath, Tiberiu Moisa, deputy CEO of Banca Transilvania, Voicu Oprean, CEO and Founder of Arobs, Andrei Dunca, Co-Founder and CTO of LiveRail, and Costin Taracila, Managing Partner of RTPR. Dan Lupu, partner at Early Bird Venture Capital, will join as Senior Adviser. Also on the board are the representatives of the three founding partners Karina Paval von Dedeman, Dimitris Raptis, CEO of the Globalworth Group, and Mark Davis, Regional Director of the EBRD for Bulgaria and Romania.

(Photo: Kotist / Dreamstime)

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