Entrepreneurship may also help tackle social points


Saiyad Hussain, CEO of the FDB. [image: FDB/Facebook]

Saiyad Hussain, CEO of Fiji Development Bank, says entrepreneurship can help address a range of social issues including poverty, malnutrition, education and access to safe water and sanitation.

Speaking at the University of the South Pacific’s Entrepreneurial Fair, Hussain said the role of entrepreneurs is a solution to various economic, social and environmental challenges.

He says entrepreneurs drive economic growth in terms of job creation and promoting innovative industries.

Hussain adds that promoting through trade shows not only encourages entrepreneurship, it also helps innovate and increase competitiveness in the marketplace.

He says the fair will give people the opportunity to improve their business ideas and steer the economy on a resilient and sustainable path.

Hussain adds that the FDB supports companies by providing financial literacy training, such as: B. the need for proper planning, personal financial management, budgeting, savings, loan management, investments, retirement planning and loan utilization.