Entrepreneurship minister prioritizes vacationer sector post-pandemic plans | Information


Sutt said the pre-pandemic situation is unlikely to recur globally, meaning support for the sector established in the initial wave is no longer appropriate.

Sutt said after a video meeting with industry representatives on Friday: “I agree with the industry that we have to move to novel solutions in which product development and new business models play a bigger role. The only way.” that we will be internationally competitive.

More frequent meetings will follow

“During the meeting, we went through the burning issues and also discussed the long-term view of the sector’s vision of its own post-crisis situation and where it would need government support and help to get back to normal,” continued Sutt away.

Support needs to be forward-looking and appropriate, whether it is national or EU support, while at the same time the crisis can be an instructive moment for future strengthening of the sector, he said.

Meetings like Friday, attended by representatives from the hotel, travel, conference, leisure and transport industries as well as the Ministry of Economics and Communication, will take place regularly in the future, reports BNS.

The entrepreneurship and foreign trade position had been moved from the pillar to the post during the last administration, and no fewer than four people held the role within 21 months – one for a single day, the other for objections to overseas travel had (in pre-pandemic times) or speak English at international meetings.

The consumer protection authority distances itself from the speakers’ comments on cancellation refunds

Meanwhile, a consumer rights agency said that a representative who told ERR on Thursday that canceled flights should be refunded within seven days rather than several months would best register it by purchasing travel from airlines directly or from in Estonia Company guarantees the official line of organization.

The Consumer Protection and Technical Regulator (TTJA) said, “We understand that this may have been information that was ambiguously expressed by a TTJA representative, not TTJA’s official position.”

The TTJA declaration followed a section in the ETV news program “Aktuaalne kaamera” (AK) in which the comments were made.

The Estonian Travel and Tourism Association (ETFL), one of the organizations represented at the meeting with Andres Sutt on Friday, said the TTJA intervened in their comments.

As already mentioned, the TTJA has now distanced itself from the comments.

ETFL director Kaur Kajak said the organization was outraged by what the consumer environment department Jaana Tael told AK.

“Jaana Tael mentioned that the biggest problem is with people who have bought airline tickets through intermediary portals, but did not state that airline tickets can also be bought by travel companies,” the association said.

The ETFL, a voluntary association of 78-member tourism employers, also recommends purchasing travel insurance to reduce the risk, including cancellations.

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