Entrepreneurship Schooling in Excessive Faculty | Letters to the Editor


When traveling the world talking to teenagers, their biggest wish is that they have more business and entrepreneurship in high school as most of them want to learn how to start their own business. If a young person’s talent is not recognized, if a young person’s dreams do not come true, if a young person is denied opportunities for reasons unrelated to their talent, character, or work ethic, then we are all missing out.

I am committed to showing new ways of thinking to today’s youth. As an entrepreneur, I see problems and opportunities and implement them, as I also teach business and entrepreneurial principles to my sons, because it is never too early to prepare the leaders of tomorrow. Entrepreneurs epitomize America’s promise, America’s wealth and investments, and the belief that if you have a good idea and are willing to work hard and work persistently you can be successful and get to the top.

I will use my talent to empower others, to change the world, to change something in any way, as my parents always say, “Nobody is too small or unimportant to turn the tide like you haven’t. Um To do something world-changing, you just work hard on the little things to make a big difference in the lives of others. “

My parents are the biggest influence on my career; My father taught me the importance of hard work and helped me understand the importance of trust and relationships in the business world, while my mother taught me to be gracious and kind to people regardless of who they were or what they did. There is no better teacher than failure and no better education than adversity; That was my most important lesson in business as I never stop learning. The more you learn, the more you realize how much there is to learn.

Here is my message to class 2021:

Let the voice of your heart guide you on the path of your dreams.

It is truly an honor and privilege to be your speaker and do my part to inspire and positively impact your life as you plan to become an entrepreneur. I admire your curiosity, natural creativity, and irrepressible enthusiasm that are hallmarks of great entrepreneurs. Your ingenuity and drive actually taught me a lot. I commend you for your focus and diligent efforts as you find all ways to create a business model with practical life skills and financial awareness, and prepare to survive and thrive in our ever-changing, global economy by following the ladder Climb your success and empower yourself. Pursue dreams with confidence.

Graduation is a special milestone in the life of a young student. And as someone who has made the transition from formal education to work, the advice and encouragement of a senior or adult is essential for any graduate in need of guidance.

Graduates will use their passion for meaningful careers. They will use their talents for the benefit of our community. Her effect can improve the world in a million ways by following her heart.

Graduates, I pray that all of you will become people of great heart and conscience through guidance, service, and lifelong commitment to Hindu values. Be strong and so wonderful that your strength and courage in bad times are just as admirable as your optimism and kindness. Never stop sharing your beautiful spirit and never forget how special you are. Dream big and build on your originality. Avoid one-size-fits-all gates that are suitable for all types and don’t stand with the crowd, stand away from them. I love it when the children keep the odds against them.

Students, once you get started don’t stop because you are the most important person to believe and convince. The key ingredient to success in any business is honesty, integrity, hard work, determination and a little bit of luck, the harder you work, the luckier you will be as you are ready to be 110 percent committed to success, innovate, to commit to making a difference.

Be successful, but more importantly, live meaningful and productive lives. I want all of you students to think big for tomorrow than you think for today, and demonstrate the ambition and expertise of American capitalism, because doing a job is not just your job, it is always your job, for better options To keep an eye out that no one is going to give it all for you, you have to take it out and take it. In life you have to dream big by posing seemingly impossible challenges, making possible what most people think is impossible, and to make it happen you have to dream, dream big. I want you to be a great entrepreneur because great things in business are learned in the blink of an eye instead of falling on your head often but getting up right back. My mother always says, “A man can fail and fall many times, but he is not a failure until he gets up again without blaming others for his failures by evading responsibility.”

Work ethic and discipline are just as important as the intellect (and often more important). I noticed that several fellow students who were smarter than me were struggling to survive due to a lack of established work ethic (aka study habits) and later in their careers. LinkedIn, job boards, resumes, and personal networks are just tools. Be ready to expand your horizons beyond that and the whole world could open up to you.

Students, my personal mission is to serve as an entrepreneurship catalyst, personally committed to educating, training and empowering entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs of all ages for success in business and life. Today we celebrate all of your work. I want you to let your company grow with ideals and values, like me, and not strive impersonally for material wealth.

Promise me you’ll be the best version of yourself

Sunil Tolani

CEO, prince organization

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