Entrepreneurship Shoppe damaged into for second time in two months: Right here’s how one can present assist


DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Entrepreneurs Shoppe owner Tae Winston awoke Monday morning to the news that someone had broken into her Dayton store for the second time in two months. She said the first time she heard the news, she was shocked to be in the same position so soon.

“I just feel a little down because I’m for the community,” she said. “The stores are community based stores, you know. I just want the community to know that I’m struggling and trying to still be … the small business hero, but you know it’s exhausting because I spend my own money building things and … doing someone only twice comes in and from that I take – it’s hard. “

Winston said thieves broke into the store both times around midnight, leading them to believe the same people were responsible for both incidents.

“I think it’s definitely personal,” she said, “just because both times they knew what they wanted. The first time they came at 12:15 p.m., the second time at 12:30 p.m. That hoisted a flag. They had the same stone both times. “

She said the thieves got away in a white vehicle with a tall blue speaker system on wheels valued at $ 1,000 and caused $ 10,000 damage to her business. She said the insurance would cover some of the damage, but added that because of the break-ins, she needed to rethink security options for her family and business – including installing a gate that she would pay out of pocket or move out of the neighborhood she has a tremendous amount of love for.

She said while planning what to do next after the break-in, community members should know that one thing thieves haven’t broken is their spirits and the spirits of those who do business with the Entrepreneurs Shoppe.

“I’ve opened everything based on what the city needed … and it works,” she said. “People can feed their families. They believe in their dreams. More people are leaving me [and] open your own stores. So you know it’s needed. I just feel … it’s a big deal and I don’t want people to try and make something out of it. Let’s build the community, let’s not take it. “

According to Winston, police are reviewing the footage to determine who was responsible for the break-in. Meanwhile, she said the community can offer their support by showing up for the Entrepreneurship Connection opening this Sunday at 200 Wayne Ave or making a donation through the Cash app at $ TaeWinstonMarketplace.