Entrepreneurship training should for job creation: Guv | Lucknow Information


Governor Anandiben Patel virtually speaks at the annual VG Patel Memorial Lecture

Lucknow / Ahmedabad: Teaching business skills to students is the right way to achieve job creation and economic development in India, Governor Anandiben Patel said on Monday.
She spoke virtually at the annual VG Patel Memorial Lecture at the Gandhinagar-based Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII).
In conjunction with Raj Bhavan, she said that colleges can play a crucial role in making students self-sufficient by offering courses that are at the intersection of innovation, business skills and an entrepreneurial mindset.
She added that strengthening entrepreneurship education is key to self-sufficiency and job creation.
“It won’t be easy in a country like India, where job security has been celebrated for decades. But a strong start has certainly been made and encouraging results are being achieved, ”she said.
Patel mentioned that she recently attended a meeting of Vice Chancellors organized by EDII in Lucknow to discuss the importance of entrepreneurship education in colleges, which has received encouraging feedback. She added that the country needs to focus more students on choosing entrepreneurship as a profession. She also emphasized entrepreneurship education, which involves all sections of society.
“It is important to impart knowledge of business and entrepreneurial skills to students in order to increase their self-confidence. It is also desirable to introduce them to business ideas and help them identify ones that can be incubated, ”she said.