Entrepreneurship within the age of COVID


When COVID-19 turned the world upside down, businesses of all sizes and stripes had to adapt quickly. Some have changed their product offerings to respond to an urgent need: for face masks, hand sanitizer, or low-contact grocery shopping. Others, hit by home orders and immediate changes in consumer demand, had to come up with an entirely new way of doing business: After restaurants, gyms, and cafes closed, business owners got creative with roadside pickup and e-commerce and virtual Workouts.

Almost a year later, the pandemic is still with us. And while everyone is pondering what a “return to normal” might look like, some entrepreneurs have also achieved surprising results with their new products and strategies. We spoke to seven business owners in Metro Detroit about how their pivots are, what they have learned, and what they will continue to do in a post-pandemic world.

In this special report: