Established salon adjustments its identify and administration


Jasselyn Foster, manager, greets customers with seasoned stylist Kaitlyn Burns during the opening of the West Side Cuts on West 7th Street on Saturday. The new space has been redesigned for a more modern look. You hire stylists. Photo by Junius Stone / Texarkana Gazette.

TEXARKANA, Texas – Today’s Cuts salon reopened as WestSide Cuts and had its grand opening on Saturday. Hot dogs and prizes were distributed to visitors while staff introduced them to the redesigned interior and new features of the space.

“Today’s Cuts operated on her for 20 years,” said Jesselyn Foster, manager. “The store has been sold and is now under new management. We have been open for about seven weeks, but our opening today.”

The new interior has been completely renovated, new furniture and a new reception area as well as modern lighting.

“The previous establishment had an old-school barbershop look,” said Foster. “We decided to update with the new shop.”

Most of the staff are new and are looking for reinforcements for the crew.

“I’ve been a stylist for seven years,” said Kaitlyn Burns, staff stylist. “It’s what I love what I do. I love people’s reactions and help them feel good.”

Their next special event will be their back-to-school bash.

“It will be Saturday, August 14th,” said Foster. “The main prize is a fully loaded backpack for a happy child who is going back to school. We will also have smaller prizes for all of our youngsters, such as filled pencil cases and the like.”

West Side Cuts is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

(WestSide Cuts is located at 4426 W. 7th St.)