ETQ Broadcasts Reliance NXG, the Subsequent Era of the World’s Greatest High quality Administration System


BURLINGTON, Mass .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – ETQ, the leading provider of quality management systems (QMS), today announced Reliance NXG, the next generation of the world’s most comprehensive, flexible and proven quality management software for quality-conscious customers in manufacturing, life sciences, electronics, food and beverage, automotive, Aerospace industry and more than a dozen other industries. The latest version of Reliance is a fully multi-tenant SaaS offering that brings the unlimited power of cloud-native technology to accelerate quality processes and reduce technology risk while expanding the fast user adoption for which Reliance is known.

A myriad of market dynamics underpinned the strategy behind the development of Reliance NXG, including:

  • Industries, markets and regulatory requirements are constantly changing around the world and the speed and complexity of this change is only increasing.

  • Aging and fragmented quality systems prevent the implementation of best practices and thereby increase the risk of the next major product or service failure.

  • Brittle supply chains require a close integration of supplier quality into supply chain management.

  • Smooth scalability is of crucial importance for business-critical use cases of global harmonization and digital transformation that are based on quality management.

  • Ultimately, quality champions need better insight into data and analytical insights so they can take informed action to drive real-time continuous improvement.

Introduction of the next generation of ETQ Reliance quality management software

After extensive customer research and analysis of broader industry trends, ETQ has delivered the next generation of Reliance, the flagship quality management system. ETQ customers have long relied on Reliance’s comprehensive, cross-industry portfolio of QMS applications to further develop their quality programs and achieve key business goals. With Reliance NXG, customers can now accelerate their quality journey into the resilient and adaptable world of cloud-native quality and security management, advanced analytics, controlled ubiquitous access and the digital transformation of businesses. With a clear product and technology vision, customers can effectively future-proof their quality management systems and represent a powerful catalyst for digital transformation in their companies.

Specifically, the company designed this release so that customers can easily upgrade while preserving their existing investments in high quality workflows and configurations by building on the strengths of the current code base. This simple and direct route to a cloud-native enterprise software environment is an achievement that is unique not only in the world of quality management, but also in enterprise software in general.

ETQ Reliance NXG offers a comprehensive, flexible and proven software system that can quickly adapt to market changes, technological changes and unique customer requirements and serves as a catalyst for digital transformation through advanced analysis and company-wide integration. In order for the digital transformation to prevail in a company, a true next-generation QMS must enable simple and productive engagement of all parties inside and outside the company in order to drive continuous improvements and pathways to excellence.

The technological foundation of Reliance NXG is based on four pillars of value: Ease of use, flexibility, visibility and scalability, which are made possible by advanced cloud-native technologies and a vision for transformation.

  • Ease of use: With the solution’s new search function, users can quickly find everything in the system and improve navigation to optimize the user experience from any device.

  • Flexibility: New integration capabilities based on a multi-tenant architecture allow customers to break down the barriers that limit collaboration and keep pace with changes in their business.

  • Visibility: With efforts to digital transformation, QMS solutions are integrated deeper into a company’s enterprise technology stack. Using Insights Analytics, workflows can be configured to automatically classify events, improving the speed and accuracy of decisions. Not only do users get better information, they also get guidance to optimize investigations and root cause analyzes.

  • Scalability: The cloud-native QMS enables company-wide quality processes and offers support for any number of users, any data volume and any configuration with a high availability architecture without a single point of failure. Customers in regulated markets can take advantage of the accelerated validation and risk-based verification of ETQ to reduce the amount of testing required.

Reliance NXG provides rapid time-to-value for multiple company stakeholders. Quality leaders immediately benefit from stronger QMS capabilities and ease of use to achieve higher returns on quality investments over the entire product lifecycle. IT leaders will embrace the advanced cloud-native technologies, enhanced security and scalability that support their technical and digital transformation needs. Executives now have the strategic visibility that leads to continuous improvement and a quality culture across the company.

“With Reliance NXG, we are working with our customers to create a scalable, secure, flexible and analytical quality organization of the future,” said Rob Gremley, CEO of ETQ. “ETQ’s experience in providing comprehensive and agile quality management for a wide range of industries enables us to offer global QMS best practices to all of our customers. In fact, we not only sell software, but also a future-proof path to excellence that begins with the next generation of quality management. ”


ETQ Reliance NXG is available immediately from ETQ and its partners for strategic solution providers.

ETQ Reliance NXG webinar

ETQ will host a webinar on April 21st at 1:00 pm to introduce ETQ Reliance NXG. Please register for the webinar here.

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