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Harvards CME provides advanced learning to expand business and leadership skills and is awarded to those who have completed three programs in strategy, negotiation, and innovation and leadership. Dr. Caleb applied and was accepted into and successfully completed three of the qualification programs within 36 consecutive months:

1. Behavioral economics: Understanding and shaping customer and employee behavior

2. Authentic leadership development

3. Transformation of customer experiences, business administration and operations

“During my undergraduate studies, I had an opportunity to delve into proven, leading, and emerging HBS best practices, cutting-edge research, and topics that are critical to today’s global business leaders,” said Dr. Caleb on. “Over the past 3 years I have had the opportunity to expand my network by living and working with accomplished executives from different fields, industries and countries around the world. One of my visits to campus had 43 executives, less than 8 of them were from whom North America. This learning opportunity has enabled me to build global relationships with a diverse group of leaders who offer deep insights into today’s business opportunities and challenges. “

‚ÄúThis is a powerful testimonial that underscores Dr. Caleb’s continued commitment to professional development, hard work and the breadth of learning at HBS. At Talent Plus, we are committed to the continuous development of colleagues and their pursuit of learning. Colleagues grow, Talent Plus grows. Denise Caleb Continuing this path within 36 months – in addition to a global pandemic – shows commitment to one of our cornerstones – lifelong learning. This in turn means further growth for the colleagues Dr. Caleb leads, “concludes Talent Plus President Makenzie Rath.

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