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Matrix papers are currently being marked and thousands of young people and parents are eagerly awaiting the results. Graduating from high school is a big step forward that comes with a lot of pressure and decisions about destiny. This dilemma is one that many face at this critical time and that simply forces us to explore all options and possibilities.

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But is it enough to have a high school diploma? Is a school leaver properly prepared for life after school?

“I firmly believe that there is a critical lag in subjects in our conventional school and university system and that learning is very far removed from technological developments and the work situation in real life”, says Pierre van den Berg, more global Investor and Property Owner: ThanksToProperty.com. “Most young people are therefore in a disadvantaged position right from the start of their careers. We need to find a way to encourage entrepreneurship in children from the youngest possible age. For this reason I am very enthusiastic about the initiative of entrepreneur activist Leon Lategan from the School of Entrepreneurship. “

South Africa’s youth is facing the worst unemployment crisis in modern history, with around 3.5 million young people who are neither employed nor trained[1]. To make matters worse, rising tuition fees, limited space in higher education institutions, and poor academic results are giving most prospective students the opportunity to develop their skills. The harsh reality is that even if a young person manages to get a certificate, diploma or degree, only about 77% end up finding employment.

“In March we are seriously starting a new Entrepreneurship Mastery program, which is dedicated to the qualification of South African youth,” says Leon Lategan, CEO and founder of The Lions Den and now School of Entrepreneurship. Lategan is very focused and extremely passionate about promoting entrepreneurship and empowering the most vulnerable areas of society in relation to unemployment. This school, with a team of highly qualified trainers and experienced entrepreneurs, has a mission to create 10 000 new entrepreneurs within 5 years who will be able to create sustainable and profitable businesses that create jobs and reduce unemployment.

For many South Africans, creating their own income is increasingly becoming an affordable option. Whether by choice or out of necessity; Alongside your career and higher education, or because it is your only chance to learn how to start a business, it can lead to opportunities and innovations that are simply impossible to imagine when you first start out.

“If you look at someone like Elon Musk, how much more potential is there out there?” asks Scott Picken, Global Entrepreneur and Founder of Wealth Migrate, who at the age of only 15 decided to take care of a young man with great potential and sponsored him after completing his studies for the year as part of the Entrepreneurship Mastery Program he offered has the School of Entrepreneurship. “I firmly believe that the most important route to solving the employment crisis in South Africa and in Africa in general is through entrepreneurship. By starting businesses, you create many more jobs than any government can ever create, and people like Bongi are the future of South Africa and this continent. “Picken, a very experienced, successful and global entrepreneur, explains,” This is one of those opportunities that can really put someone on the path to success. When young people were trained differently, when they were given different systems of thought, different techniques and different access to opportunities that previously existed not only in the school system, but also in the traditional tertiary sector … “

Let’s meet this ambitious young man – it could be you or your child – it could be anyone just out of school, unemployed or in the early years of adulthood:

Enrollment and first student to grab their online space and the opportunities of the School of Entrepreneurship

“My name is Bongi Ndlovu and I am a student – the first to register for a degree at the School of Entrepreneurship. For a brief moment when I think of the School of Entrepreneurship, my heart fills with excitement and joy. The facility has demonstrated its ability to open new and better avenues for matriculation by teaching principles that were not essentially taught in school education. Knowing that the institution will have coaches who have years of training and experience in the world of entrepreneurship and business gives me a lot of hope and confidence that I will have an amazing adventure and experience as I learn and grow as an individual . Speaking of growing, I grew up in a small town called Knysna and plan to move to Cape Town while studying to find ways to put what I’ve learned into practice and build a better future for myself. School of Entrepreneurship, here I come! “

The School of Entrepreneurship will equip South Africa’s youth through an extremely hands-on online training program that will equip participants with the mindset, knowledge, insights, tools and essential business skills required to become confident, capable entrepreneurs and within start and run a business within 8 months. The program also provides hands-on guidance and assistance while determining whether a market (i.e., the viability of the business idea) is there for investors and how to raise funds. Each student conducts a personal Enneagram assessment, receives resilience and EQ coaching, and gains valuable insight into their entrepreneurial type, intrinsic motivators, and strengths and weaknesses to make informed decisions about what type of entrepreneurial career path leads to their unique behavior contributes strengths and talents.

Global entrepreneur and founder of Wealth Migrate

“I’m really proud of Bongi for joining the School of Entrepreneurship,” says his mentor Scott Picken. “I got to know the man as a very young man at the age of 15. He had tremendous tenacity, tremendous perseverance and all he needed was an opportunity and love and a bit of guidance and I really believe that this is another catalyst moment for him to realize the potential that lies within him and I think that will benefit not only this country, this continent, but also this planet! “

For more information about the Entrepreneurship Mastery Program, how to participate in a free information webinar or how to book a one-on-one interview with head trainer and founder Leon Lategan, please visit https://www.schoolofentrepreneurship.co.za. Leon Lategan, Founder and CEO of The School of Entrepreneurship, is available for additional and personalized comments and interviews. He can be contacted directly at 0826580805.