FG endorses Irikefe’s guide as useful resource materials on entrepreneurship



By Mary Obaebor

Through the Nigerian Council for Educational Research and Development (NERDC), the federal government has the “Handbook for Training and Empowerment Programs for Acquiring Skills” as a national resource material for entrepreneurship, programs for acquiring skills, and developing micro, small and medium-sized businesses Medium-sized enterprise endorsed and recommended for institutions across the country.

The approval was contained in a letter sent to the author, Dr. Benjamin Onoriode Irikefe, submitted and signed by NERDC Executive Secretary, Professor Ismail Junaidu, one of Nigeria’s leading educational technocrats.

The manual for training and empowerment programs for the acquisition of skills documents the author’s involvement in the training and management of non-militant and militant youth, including women, for over 28 years.

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With the approval of the revised second edition of the entrepreneurship book, also known as “NERDC = Approved Edition” of the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC), there is now a nationally approved handbook that can contribute to Nigeria’s exit from the socio-economic sector Lull when it is widespread among other government measures.

The revised second edition was derived from the review and realignment of the second edition 2019 by NERDC based on its very strict standards and guidelines.

The manual for skills acquisition and empowerment programs has taken into account the interests of various stakeholders, organizations, and is also suitable for the general readership. This version has received multiple awards from academic and renowned scientists.

Professor Olukayode Ogunsanwo of the Renewable Natural Resources Faculty at Ibadan University explains, “The book is a masterpiece produced by a skilled trainer and a competent trainer.

“It contains a comprehensive text on the principles, foundations and practices of skill acquisition for the myriad of needy and volatile members of society.

“It has been carefully written to provide information about a wide range of training and empowerment programs.

“The book is a must for policy makers and specialist trainers. especially the trainers of unemployed graduates, members of the National Youth Service Corps, troubled youth, ex-agitators / militants among others. “

Similarly, Professor Omole Joseph of Obafemi Awolowo University – Institute of Agricultural Research and Education, Moore Plantation, Ibadan commented on the book on entrepreneurship as follows: “The author is a teacher, trainer, advisor and a man of integrity.

“He has written and published a lot about skill acquisition. The book highlights what skill acquisition is all about. It covers the importance; it answers when, why, how, what about empowerment.

“The book is recommended for young people, men and women, private and public organizations.”

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In the user guide at the beginning of the book on entrepreneurship, the author warned: “Don’t try to read this book all at once. Just take a cursory look at the content and start with what applies to you as a person or, in particular, to your circumstances. “

Although the book is a whopping 1,072 pages, the book is precisely written with summary points that readers can easily grasp.

Recall, the author of the entrepreneurship book, Dr. Irikefe, chaired the first Presidential Retreat on National Security in 2001; Member of the Presidential Committee for National Security 2001-2002.

He also worked with the late General Godwin Abbe-led Presidential Committee on Amnesty in 2010 and made the famous 2019 Sambisa Declaration, which highlighted a large-scale commercial use of the Sambisa forest, associated with the biblical passage of the skull or Golgotha ​​is compared as in John 19:17.

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