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Wine Business Entrepreneurship Certificate: Strategies for Building and Growing Your Wine Business

  • Under the guidance of Dr. Anisya Fritz
  • February 22nd – April 26th
  • Apply by February 18th. Click here to register

The wine industry is complex and nuanced. Whether you own a winery, vineyard, winery-focused technology company, or a public relations and communications consultancy, it’s important to understand the success factors associated with farming, production, and sales across multiple channels. It’s also important to understand the impact of climate change, economic forces, and regulation on value creation, cost sharing, and customer acquisition. Successful companies are those that are nimble and can strategically anticipate and control changing circumstances. The main focus of wine entrepreneurship is giving small wine business leaders the space and time to reflect on their vision. It will help them develop a business avenue for a profitable new product, business, or career in the wine industry. Over an eight-week period, participants in the seminar will be familiarized with key aspects of the wine business, including setting goals, assessing opportunities, harnessing strengths, developing financial frameworks, and various models of profitability. You will hear from industry leaders and veterans sharing their experiences and teachings. At the end of the seminar, each participant has the tools and framework conditions to critically assess the competitive landscape and make decisions about how to proceed.