Finest Observe Administration Software program of 2021


With customizable dashboards for each team member and automatic data transfer for all e-mail communication between consultant and customer, the practice management software from Advyzon is an excellent tool for consulting companies.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Advyzon was founded in 2012 by Morningstar’s former senior vice president. It works well for established, new, and breakaway businesses of all sizes. Its reporting functions and business intelligence make it the best practice management software for companies.

The cloud-based architecture enables all company members, customers and interested parties to access functions from any browser and device. In addition, the mobile client app works on Apple and Android phones. The main functions revolve around modules such as portfolio management, customer reporting and a growth suite.

The heart of Advyzon is the report engine with more than 30 report templates. Users can view current and historical data and use the Report Builder to create custom reports. It also includes a GIPS-compliant Global Investment Performance Standards (Composites) tool that can be used to track history and forecast performance. Advyzon offers branding options, custom dashboards, and billing automation tools.

Advyzon carefully plans integrations. While it offers fewer options than some platforms, each is well developed. It integrates with custodian banks like Charles Schwab and platforms like Microsoft 365, G-Suite, Twitter and Jive.

Advyzon prioritizes customer service and provides a dedicated service team and onboarding draft. Companies can call or email their service team directly, or access in-app support from anywhere in the application. The company also offers an online help desk and knowledge base for self-service.

Prices are available through a quote and are based on the number of accounts. A 12 month contract starts at $ 6,500 per year for up to 150 accounts.