four NGOs to get grants below Fb Pragati to spice up girls entrepreneurship, digital adoption


The / Nudge Center for Social Innovation said Friday that four nonprofits have been selected to receive grants from Facebook through Facebook Pragati – Tech4Good, Shakti An Empathy Project, India and Bharat Together and Skilled Samaritan Foundation.

The four nonprofits, selected from a pool of 1,326 applications, are early-stage women-led nonprofit startups that focus on promoting women entrepreneurship through the adoption of digital skills and tools, a statement said in a statement .

Given their organizational maturity, IABT and Skilled Samaritan Foundation were selected for incubation and are receiving grants of 15 lakh each, while Tech4Good and STEP were selected for expediting and receiving grants of 50 lakh each.

Tech4Good works to bring open source technology solutions to nonprofits and has so far enabled them for over 500 such companies across India. Shakti An Empathy Project runs an incubator program for women-run social enterprises, with a special focus on companies with Tier II and Tier III locations across the country.

India and Bharat Together (IABT) strengthens the skills and abilities of young girls in Uttarakhand to set them up as entrepreneurs, while the Skilled Samaritan Foundation improves the skills of women entrepreneurs in the marginalized population in Uttar Pradesh by providing them with design input and access to markets.

Facebook Pragati, an initiative to promote women’s entrepreneurship, was launched in 2020 in collaboration with the / Nudge Center for Social Innovation. The program aims to provide entrepreneurs with access to tools, mentoring, and resources to overcome some of the barriers they face in building a successful business using technology.

” We have always worked to improve the gender gap on the internet. We believe that when women and youth have the skills and technology to improve their lives, they can unlock economic and social value for themselves and their communities, ”said Ajit Mohan, Vice President and General Manager of Facebook India.

The potential to support and change the lives of women entrepreneurs is limitless, and Facebook Pragati’s goal is to fuel innovation and economic growth, he added.

In addition to the grants, each of the nonprofits will have access to mentoring and help with further fundraising and second tier capacity building within the nonprofits.

” / Nudge’s trust in the power of technology to achieve and amplify the effect has been further strengthened through all the technology-based hubs in the non-profit area for dealing with COVID. We also believe that with just one in five women-run MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises), India is losing the world’s proven superiority of women-run business, ”said Akshay Soni, General Manager of The / Nudge Accelerator.

The / Nudge CSI’s role in the Facebook Pragati initiative ranges from selecting the organizations in a six-step process, to providing mentoring from some of India’s most admired leaders, to connecting the organizations to a network of funders and experts, to scale the way to speed up.

The / Nudge CSI serves as an incubator and provides a complete ecosystem to build capacity so the startups can grow.

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