‘Friday feud’ with affiliate prices head of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Enterprise Administration pricey


Ujjain: Prof. DD Bedia, head of the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Institute for Corporate Management (JNIBM) at Vikram University (VU), who met his colleague Dr. Karman Sultan was removed from the department head on Saturday night. He was also released from three responsibilities for doing indecent behavior to a Divyang colleague.

Two professors from the JNIBM had this before Vice Chancellor VC) Akhilesh Kumar Pandey. The incident occurred on Friday evening in front of the VU registrar’s chamber when a dispute between Dr. DD Bedia and Kamran Sultan escalated. Bedia, the head of the JNIBM division, hit and hit Kamran Sultan, associate professor of the institute, and Kamran retaliated in the same way.

As a result of the incident, their clothes were torn and both were injured. The fight lasted almost 15 minutes, after which people intervened and calmed the situation. The dispute reportedly occurred when Kamran was about to apply for LLM while Bedia opposed it on the pretext that it would disrupt teaching at JNIBM.

After the incident was widely criticized in the media and among others by academics, politicians and social organizations, VC Prof Pandey finally took action on Saturday.

Associate Prof wants to die, asks the President for permission

On Saturday, Associate Professor Kamran wrote to the President asking for permission to die. In his letter, he stated that he was losing sleep because of humiliation. He went on to state that he wanted to die because the incident had tarnished his image and should be allowed to do so.

Action against Bedia

* Removed from JNIBM’s management. JNIBM Prof. Deepak Gupto becomes the new head.

* Also removed from office of Director of the School of Engineering and Technology. Prof. Ganpat Ahirwar from the School of Studies in Physics is the new director.

* Removed from the MBA hostel fee. Dr. Manu Goraha from JNIBM becomes the new Superintendent of the hostel.

Probe / notice

* The VU administration issued both Bedia and Sultan exhibition notices. Both were asked not to go to JNIBM to teach and to mark their presence in front of the registry office every day.

* A probe committee was established under the direction of Proctor Prof. Shailendra Kumar Sharma. Prof. RK Ahirwar from the School of Studies in Ancient History and Culture, the President of the Vikram University Teacher’s Association, Dr. Kanhaiyya Medha, and Deputy Registrar Ravi Shankar Sonwal have been appointed to its membership. You have been asked to investigate all aspects of the incident and submit the report to the registrar. No deadline was set for the panel to submit the report.

NSUI gifts stay with the Vice Chancellor

The NSUI described the dispute between two high-ranking professors as an incident that damaged the reputation of Vikram University and announced the university’s vice chancellor on Saturday. Under the leadership of the NSUI President Pritesh Sharma and the District President Ambar Mathur, the NSUI employees presented the VC with sticks and pencils and criticized the incident. They also called for an impartial investigation into the incident.