From a Morning Exercise to a Noon Plunge to Sleep-Prepared


Jenna Cady (above) is one of our primary guinea pigs. She’s the goop beauty and wellness shopper, so many of the products we carry go through her home and inbox. The first thing people usually notice about Jenna is her grace. What is it that keeps you calm and radiant? Unfortunately, a cold ocean fall can be involved.


I love avocado’s environmental mission. The vegan mattress is made of organic latex and organic cotton and does not use any toxic flame retardants. It’s the highest quality and so convenient. Investing in your sleep makes sense to me as it is such a big part of our lives and wellbeing. I am a person who goes to bed early and wakes up early, and I enjoy my relaxed time crawling into a cozy bed.

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The morning before work, I take an online Pilates or Barre class. I love the bala bangles for adding a little more intensity and weight to the movements. I’ve done a lot of Pilates on a reformer – the Pilates machine with wheels and springs – and I’ve played on it and taught myself some traditional Pilates moves. I’ve been a yoga person for a long time, but I find that Pilates gives me even more balance and alignment, as well as strength and muscle building. When I’m not on the machine, I do a Melissa Wood mat workout with the bangles on my ankles or wrists.


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  2. Manduka GRP YOGA MAT

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When I want extra strength training, I use the bala ring to do more creative exercises. It’s a cool, wheel-shaped 10-pound weight made from silicone-coated stainless steel. It’s soft and easy to hold and move from hand to hand. I do turns for an oblique workout. You can keep it up with lunges. And Bala has training videos with a ring and bangle. I haven’t used the ring while dancing, but that sounds fun.

  1. Bala Bangles THE POWER RING

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I take my nutritional supplements for breakfast in the morning. I’ve been taking probiotics for years to help with some stomach irregularities. Seed is different from other products I’ve taken because it also contains a prebiotic. The prebiotic is in the outer capsule and the probiotics are protected in the inner capsule. I also like that it is a higher dose and has a higher number of probiotic strains. I’ve been using Seed for a month and have noticed a difference in my overall digestion since the beginning. *


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I took vitamin D not only because of winter, but also because it’s good for immunity. I’m outdoors and usually spend a lot of time in the sun – camping, hiking, running. But I’m not out and about as much as I would like to be these days, so I’m not getting much of the sun you need to make your own vitamin D. I think the supplement is a good addition to my diet and my lifestyle at the moment. *

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I love taking cold falls. I live in Encinitas, San Diego and my house is near the beach. During my lunch breaks, I sometimes go to the beach and jump into the sea. The water was pretty cold this winter, but it’s so refreshing. It relaxes me and changes my attitude.

San Diego Beach


My neck gets tight because I’m at my desk all day. Sometimes during the day, even during a meeting, when I’m just listening, I massage a little vagus nerve oil on my neck. Loosening these muscles feels good immediately. And I like the idea that this is to help relieve stress and take care of your parasympathetic nervous system and vagus nerve. I think it’s the combination of aromatherapy and exercise that makes me slow down and breathe. The oil smells really good, kind of earthy. It has bergamot, juniper berry, chamomile, and lavender in a jojoba seed oil base.

  1. Thought sanctuary VAGUS NERVE OIL

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The acupressure mat and pillow have a few small protrusions for acupressure treatment, but they are surprisingly comfortable. I try to meditate as often as I can, usually before bed and sometimes before work. I feel like I get two for one when I meditate on the acupressure mat. Using the mat – it’s the size of your back – forces me to sit or lie on the floor and I feel more grounded and as if my muscles are being encouraged to relax while I meditate. I usually still lie on the mat, but sometimes I walk on it to massage and stimulate my feet. I got one for my dad for Christmas and he’s obsessed with it. He will sit or lie on it while watching TV.





I’ve just started using the Oura ring, which tracks activity and sleep quality. It’s easy to use. And it held me accountable. Last night, the memory of getting into a prepared state gave me the boost I needed to meditate. I am careful not to look at a screen for thirty minutes to an hour before bed. I notice a huge difference in sleep when looking at a screen before bed. I am more restless. And I feel like alcohol and stress are affecting my sleep. I want to use the Oura ring to keep track of how screen time and other habits affect my sleep quality and time in deep and REM sleep. It will help me figure out the best routine for myself and stick to it.

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