From MIT & Naples, Italy, A New Type Of Entrepreneurship Grasp’s


The Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management is a collaboration between the Parthenope University of Naples and the MIT Sloan School of Management

Naples, Italy and Boston, Massachusetts couldn’t be more different in climate and culture, which makes collaboration between business schools in these two cities unusual, to say the least.

But business knowledge is universal in many ways. New evidence of this truth comes from this seemingly unusual partnership with the announcement of a new Masters program that will start early next year.

The Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management is a new degree program from Parthenope University in collaboration with the MIT Sloan School of Management. The one-year program students, who include around 50 in the first cohort, will be admitted to MIT, ranked 6th by Poets & Quants, as part of a program aimed at “building your entrepreneurial and leadership skills, improving your competencies”, Attend week-long courses and start a successful career in entrepreneurship and innovation management. “


MIT Sloan Dean David Schmittlein: “We are very excited to expand our reach in Europe.”

Applications for the Parthenope / MIT MEIM, which carries a study award of US $ 36,000, are now open; The application deadline is October 29th.

The program is the first in a five-year partnership signed between the schools in May, says Marco Ferretti, professor in Parthenope’s Department of Management and Quantitative Sciences and director of the MEIM program. The idea, Ferretti told P&Q, arose from Parthenope’s partnership with MIT through the Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program in Campania, the capital of which is Naples.

Campania is home to universities, public research institutes and technology clusters; It is also a manufacturing, agriculture, forestry, fishing and construction center. MIT REAP Team Campania “strives to use Zealand logistics and the maritime industry because of their importance for the regional economy”; It was from this program, which focused heavily on developing local innovation systems, that the idea for the new MEIM arose, says Ferretti.

“We were part of this MIT research program for almost three years,” he says. “WWe were in contact with them and so we started developing this idea a year ago. After a year we decided to enter into this five-year contractual partnership for this program. We signed the agreement two months ago, so we’ve just started this new Masters, and in fact the first edition of the Masters will start in January 2022. ”He adds that the second cohort will likely start in September rather than January 2023 will.

When it did Many things in the world of business education, the coronavirus set back planning for the new MEIM – but it couldn’t kill the idea or the program.

“The problem was to define the cooperation with MIT, because MIT was closed and it was very difficult to sign everything,” says Franco Calza, Deputy Vice-Rector of Parthenope. “We started creating the master’s degree without working with our colleagues at MIT. Later we had the problem of deciding whether Master should be in person or from a distance. Finally we decided to do it personally from January 2022. “

The main location of the MEIM program in Naples, about 140 miles southeast of Rome, should be beneficial, Calza tells P&Q.

“Of course we trust that we will start personally,” he says. “January should be pretty safe. This is another point. It is of course in Naples, an old and very beautiful place on the hills here near the city. We have a security program to keep everyone safe. That should ensure that we can start on time and without problems. Cross fingers.”


The MEIM program is aimed at students with a bachelor’s degree between the ages of 21 and 25. In the English-language program, students complete a winter semester in Naples, followed by three weeks in Boston at MIT. At the end of summer they have classes in Naples until the final exams in December. With fees, the total program is estimated to cost an estimated $ 50,000.

“We want to strengthen the entrepreneurial ability of the students,” says Marco Ferretti, “so we try to strengthen this ability, say, in terms of innovation ability, innovation management and entrepreneurial projects – which does not mean” that you then inevitably become an entrepreneur or one You have to found a startup, but that you can also bring an entrepreneurial spirit to your organization in order to then approach management tasks. “

One of the major selling points of the degree is that it gives students 120 hours of class with the MIT faculty. At a recent event to announce the new program, MIT Sloan Dean David Schmittlein described his school’s interest in the collaboration.

“As the global leader in management education, MIT’s mission is to make quality education accessible around the world,” says Schmittlein. “This collaboration is an exciting opportunity for Parthenope’s MEIM students to participate in the MIT Sloan’s educational ecosystem. Equally important, it further strengthens MIT Sloan’s connections with European academic, business and government communities. “

MIT Sloan Professor Emilio Castilla, Faculty Director of the collaboration, adds: “We are very excited to expand our reach in Europe. Like the rest of the world, the EU is in a dynamic time of change, with urgent challenges and new opportunities. This collaboration with Parthenope opens doors for deeper understanding and the development of the organizational skills required to successfully manage this change so that everyone benefits socially and economically. “

And one final plus, students joining MEIM have the option of being selected for MIT Sloan’s Master of Science in Management Studies, a customizable degree that complements an MBA or equivalent program from an affiliated school. These students will receive a Masters of Science degree from MIT in nine months.

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