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Gainesville magnificence salon reopening provides younger ladies entrepreneurship alternatives


GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – Studio Glam is back in the business of renovations and new services for nearly all beauty needs.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the beauty salon closed for two months and some stylists did not return. Almost a year later, and now they have even better options.

The owner, Erica Phillips, says she opened the salon to teach young black women about entrepreneurship and a space to grow.

“I wanted to give girls the opportunity to train their houses but I had amazing talent,” said Phillips

She teaches women in their early 20s to be successful by setting goals.

“You make money every day, but that doesn’t mean you spend money every day,” said Philips. “So basically, how to save money. How to market your business, how to become more professional. “

The salon now includes a nail bar, pedicure station, and full body wax. 20-year-old studio manager Alondra Arnold says after the renovations she’s excited to see what this year brings

“I’m overly excited,” said Arnold. “I’m ready for the 2021 result right now. I’m ready to kick them on the neck.”

Because of the pandemic, a beautician has even taken on new professions. It is located on the nail bar and on the wax table.

Antadria Hawkins, 22, who specialized in nails before the pandemic, is now doing eyelash extensions, full body waxing and eyebrow tents

Starting this business has helped her weather the pandemic.

“It’s very beneficial,” says Hawkins. “It has of course helped me to take care of my things at home, and I have a lot more to do with what I want to do

She says Phillips is a real blessing.

“It came like the very beginning of the coronavirus when I was stressed and didn’t know what to do with the income,” said Hawkins

Testimonials like hers are exactly what Phillips envisioned for these girls.

“I’m just overjoyed to see that some of them have moved out of their mothers, they have their own houses, their own cars.”

The new and improved salon is located at 1109 NW 13th St.

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