GOOPGLOW Glow Lotion Evaluation | Goop


Apple Martin

16, student

“I wake up and check my texts, Instagram, TikTok – just catch up,” says Martin, who, like most American teenagers, spent the past year in Zoom high school classes. “I brush my teeth and after a night of sleep my hair is a little crazy so I put it up.”

Martin’s skin care routine is simple: cleanser, glow lotion, and sunscreen. “Since I have very dry skin, the glow lotion is so nice – it keeps me hydrated, but not greasy. It’s super easy, ”she says. “It gives me a little … I don’t know – it feels like silk is getting on your skin.” When she dresses up, which was rare last year but still happens, Martin adds a little makeup. “Glow Lotion is great under it,” she says. “I love a 90s vibe with makeup. But mostly I only need the glow lotion and the mineral sunscreen in addition to a short wipe with lip balm. “