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A content management system (CMS) can help you create more impactful content and better convey your brand’s vision and message.

The right CMS can also help you with collaboration between team members and departments. Not sure where to start? Benzinga’s list of the best content management systems is a good place to start your search.

Best for collaborating with remote content: Paperflite

The new work-from-home model brings with it the complications associated with remote collaboration. Paperflite is here to streamline and streamline your remote content creation management.

The CMS platform deals with all aspects of content creation and adapts every step of the process to your company. Would you like to make your content organization more attractive and clear? Paperflite can do it. Would you like to add interactive experiences to motivate your customers? Paperflite doesn’t have that either.

Paperflite makes your content available anywhere, on any device your customers use. Actionable content intelligence and insights drive your sales strategy.

If you’d like to try Paperflite for yourself, you can watch the live action demo here or schedule a 20 minute review with a Paperflite representative.


  • Starter: $ 30 per month per user
  • Professional: $ 50 per month per user
  • Company: Contact for custom pricing

App? Yes

Best for scalability: content

Your content strategy should help you grow. So your CMS not only has to support this growth, it also has to grow with you. Contentful is designed for companies looking to expand.

Contenful has several features that make growth an easily achievable reality. For starters, the digital-first development tools make creating and automating content across all relevant channels a breeze.

The editing capabilities allow your entire team to create amazing content, even if they are not design conscious. Their editing toolbox includes a customizable user interface, global scaling, cloud governance, and easy content modeling and structuring to increase consistency and branding.

Contentful prides itself on its reliability and offers you a highly reinforced infrastructure, first-class security measures, expert support and continuous performance monitoring. You can control your own content management, integrate it with a wide variety of third-party apps, and use the programming language you are most familiar with.

Contact Contentful here to learn more.


  • Community: Free
  • Team: Starts at $ 489 per month
  • Company: Custom Pricing

App? Web app but not a mobile app

Best for higher education: Omniupdate’s OU Campus

If you’re responsible for content management for a college or other college, you need to check out Omniupdate’s OU campus. The OU campus is tailored to the needs of higher education, with features for integrated workflows, user levels and accessibility checks to let in the right users and keep the wrong people out.

It searches for conformity with WCAG 2.1, which is guidelines and standards for accessibility. If not met, higher education institutions can have problems with the US Department of Education Civil Rights Office. You also want as many eligible students as possible to access your website.

OU Campus also offers a full-service implementation of its CMS, so you can fully trust a smooth set-up process. You can see a demo of Omniupdate here.

Pricing: Contact for prices

App? No

When you run a media company, content creation is both your company and a business strategy. In addition to creating content that stands out from the constant flood of news and information, you also need to perform various tasks. And Magnolia’s CMS does these things spectacularly well.

Magnolia is a CMS company that works with many industries, but has particular expertise in the media sector.

Your content must reach from the concept phase to the finish line at warp speed. Magnolia’s low-code approach to “light development” makes this possible. With these and many other features, Magnolia delivers digital media to over 70 million users every day.

To learn more about Magnolia or to demonstrate one of its products, visit the Magnolia website.

Pricing: Contact for prices

App? No

Important functions of content management systems

Make sure you weigh the important features a CMS should offer before choosing a service. Here are our non-negotiable features:

Content editor

Multiple team members and departments, from your writers to your design team to your marketing core, play a role in creating content. It’s important that your CMS enables everyone on your team to create beautiful, effective content, even if they can’t code.

A WYSIWG (What You See Is What You Get) content editor is standard on many CMS systems, making it easy for your team to get creative.

Third party integration

This is an important feature of most business management software these days. From plug-ins that improve the functionality of your CMS to integrating with social media apps like Facebook and Instagram, it’s important that your CMS work with the third-party apps and platforms that you already use to run your business .

E-commerce and marketing tools

Make it easier for employees to spend money on your business by integrating your ecommerce goals into your CMS. And reach these people faster and faster by adapting digital marketing campaigns with your CMS so that your customers can share your company on social media.


You need the right level of customizability for your business and the ability to present the information without being constrained by your technology.


Do you want thematic branding that stays consistent using templates and design starting points, or do you want full creative control? Choose the CMS with the flexibility you need.

Core functionality

How easy is it to create content? And how easy is it to keep creating, adding new features, or deleting content after you’ve created it? Even the most feature-rich CMS will fail if it cannot perform these basic functions.


You may not need this digital marketing campaign right now, but what about a year from now? What are your growth goals? You should consider how powerful your CMS is, growing with you and adapting to your changing needs.

Advantages of content management systems

A CMS brings immediate benefits for the quality and efficiency of the distribution of your content. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect from a CMS:

  • Content creation is accessible to your entire team, even if tech isn’t everyone’s forte
  • Simplified and automated site maintenance so that you can easily edit your website without compromising overall integrity or continuity
  • The ability to plan, schedule, and manage all of your projects in one place. So you can easily change gears and keep track of the content
  • Multi-user accessibility and the option to assign and manage roles on your team

Content management system costs

The size of your business and the scope of your content strategy partly determine how much is appropriate for a CMS. The prices vary from platform to platform.

Many have tailored deals for businesses of all sizes, especially large businesses and corporations. Benzinga found that our partners provided services to small, medium and large businesses in the following areas:

For small businesses: $ 0 to $ 30

For medium-sized companies: $ 50 to $ 489

For large companies: Custom pricing

By and large, most CMS platforms prefer to discuss pricing with people and give them custom offers who will use their software, rather than providing single-sized subscription levels for everyone

Simplify, beautify and optimize your content production

With the right CMS software, you can streamline your content management process from start to finish, engage and involve the best team members for the job, make content creation and editing a breeze, and integrate with any apps and platforms that you use already use and love. Some even help you build and maintain your website, run marketing campaigns, and scale your content strategy as you grow.

Take your content creation to the next level with a CMS platform. Use Benzinga’s list of the best content management systems to find the perfect solution for your business.

Best methodology for content management systems

Benzinga analyzed the top content management system by industry and concluded the list with the best attributes. We prioritized pricing, features, and scalability. We also considered mobile app availability and customer reviews.