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New Delhi [India]February 11 (ANI / Digpu): Brainstorming ideas on how to create business plans with students from around the world and mentors from Harvard can make every student’s dream come true. The Young Leaders in Innovation and Entrepreneurship program offers students the unique opportunity to share their emerging ideas on a global platform and to seek advice from Harvard tutors.
The collaboration between Harvard Student Agencies (HSA) and the “Leadership Learning for Young Leaders in Innovation and Entrepreneurship” program has created a global network of young entrepreneurs. The program has brought together students from around 30 countries including the United States, India, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, Spain, Colombia and Canada to learn more about entrepreneurship and innovation.
The two-weekend entrepreneurship program run on the Zoom platform gives students the exclusive opportunity to work in teams and exchange ideas. Harvard mentors lead students to creatively develop problem-solving solutions for successful business strategies.
The new batch, which began on January 30, 2021, received an overwhelming response from students from India and abroad. With an adoption rate of just 20 percent, the program offers a classroom-like video conferencing learning experience at a fraction of the cost of traveling to Harvard to complete the program. The students selected through an interview process work closely with Harvard teachers to bring their entrepreneurial ideas to life.
“We strive to educate young people and inspire them to become great leaders of tomorrow. With this program, we are building and nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs as we connect them with like-minded students around the world. It’s exciting to see how a diverse group communicates flawlessly and creates futuristic business plans, “says Jasmine Chan, managing director of Harvard Student Agencies.
“There is an educational need that goes beyond the four walls of a classroom, and we have managed to strike this accord with the program“ Young Leaders in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. “Learn with Leaders is an additional funding of supervised projects to students help with their startups We hope that we can continue to grow and improve the lives of these bright minds, “says Gunjan Agarwal, co-founder of Learn with Leaders.
‘The Young Leaders in Innovation and Entrepreneurship program is a creative workshop. The mentors helped us understand new concepts and then apply this knowledge to our endeavors. The workshop gave me the skills to bring my entrepreneurial ideas to life and to change society in a positive way. We partnered with students from other countries to collaborate, conduct research and develop business strategies, ”shares Arushi Bansal, a Pathways World School student who participated in the program.
Learn with Leaders and Harvard Student Agencies have collaborated on other programs for high school students, including the Scholars in Communication program and the Future Lawyers Program. The Scholars in Communication program focuses on building interactive skills between students so that they can convey their thoughts clearly. The program trains students to move their audience with words and prepares them for a TEDx lecture. The Future Lawyers Program helps students who wish to practice law develop in-depth knowledge of the legal systems and connects them with students at Harvard Law School.
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