House Fireplace sends one to EIRMC burn unit


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REXBURG, Idaho (KIFI) – The Madison Fire Department responded to a structural fire shortly after 11 p.m. on Sunday in the Twin Pines Manor Apartments at 160 N. 1st W.

A neighbor named 911 reported an apartment fire with explosions and injuries.

The burnt victim was the only resident of the apartment where the explosion took place and was able to get onto the sidewalk. All other residents of the surrounding apartments were evacuated without injuries.

Authorities say fumes from a fuel can in the apartment were ignited when a portable heater was turned on. The fumes exploded, causing a large explosion that blew the door to a neighboring apartment and two others blew out the windows. The fire quickly spread from the first apartment to three other apartments.

Of the residential building with eight residential units, four apartments show fire damage and four smoke damage.

The burn victim was admitted to the burn department at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, with burns covering 60% to 80% of her body.

“This was a big blast with significant damage,” said Corey Child, chief of fire at Madison. “The other residents of the house were very lucky to get out without injuries. Our prayers are certainly addressed to the burned inmate as well as to all those affected. “

The damage is estimated at $ 600,000.

The investigation into the explosion is still ongoing.

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