How Alex Morton Has Grow to be The Millennial Voice on Entrepreneurship & Turning Your Desires Into Actuality


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If you’ve been on Instagram or Facebook for the past decade, you probably know the name Alex Morton. He is a strong entrepreneur and influencer who has inspired a generation of creators to believe in themselves and their dreams. You can find him inflating a crowd of thousands of people, traveling on private jets, and teaching people on ABC how to maximize their wealth.

Start by believing in yourself

Alex notes that the first thing he needed to maximize his life was confidence. In college, he began developing his internal belief systems and realizing that if others were able to do great things, he could too. With the power of manifestation, he said to himself, “I am so happy and grateful now that ___”, “I am so happy and grateful now that ____” until he wired his brain to pursue his dreams. Soon Alex changed his life so drastically that he would earn his first million at the age of 25. He says it all started with changing your beliefs first, then came the money.

Improve your actions

A million was nice, but it wasn’t enough. He knew that the same mentality and approach that he took to reach a million can be used to reach another, then another. He said to himself, “Now I need to improve my actions,” and he did just that. Today Alex makes millions every year. He explains that if you want to create more wealth in your life, you have to practice what is called the law of compensation. Which basically means that as you increase the value you offer in the market, the amount of money you get will increase. He geared his actions as an entrepreneur, investor and speaker to systems and processes that would offer the greatest possible value in the market that he could offer. His actions increased, as did his income.

follow your dreams

Often times, people just join in where life has taken them in their college years and beyond. Alex did something different. He looked around and found that school does not bring people the success that he hopes. He decided school wasn’t, it wasn’t going to take him where his dreams were taking him. Alex would begin his entrepreneurial endeavors at this point and connect with people who are building profitable assets that enable people to make money with no cap. He followed his dreams at a time when there was no one around him. Now he can use all the advantages.

All in all, you too can become a leader in today’s society. Alex teaches others how to replicate the measures he took to achieve his dreams. But the first thing you need to do is choose to believe in yourself, like Alex did. Think back to when you had a childlike tendency to believe anything and bring that same belief back to your reality today. As you make the decision to follow your dreams and improve your actions, you will be on your way to the hopes that you have hidden deep within.