How finance professionals can construct private resilience


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As a Chartered Financial Analyst®, you can acquire the knowledge necessary to succeed in finance, but it also helps build resilience. For one, it takes hours of dedicated work, study, and research. However, this is not the end of the process; Members must learn and sacrifice throughout their careers to achieve their goals. To meet these milestones – from passing CFA® exams to gaining meaningful work experience – every candidate and member must use and build skills and strengths to overcome their doubts and fears while demonstrating professionalism.

Ms. Meera Siva, a director of the CFA Society India, shared the rigors of her journey as an independent consultant. She says: “When you get a salary and a certain stability, you don’t notice what you have. But when you’re starting a business, no matter how much you’ve planned and thought through, the unstable cash flow is not easy to handle. The effort put into the CFA program helps you persevere and take on challenges more naturally! ”Membership in the CFA Society India paves the way to deeper customer relationships and helps you gain a foothold and develop courage for a real start .

The CFA program helps with career support, volunteering, live events, and business development resources. Continuing education and earning Professional Learning (PL) credits are essential to success, and CFA Society India offers formal learning opportunities through webinars, podcasts and online courses. These help guide a person through difficult times by giving you full information.

The CFA Society India offers networking opportunities with different societies in different regions. Each society holds its own conferences and events that are open to everyone, including professionals from other currents. Such discussions create unity and familiarize the participants with the different journeys of successful people. It also helps new candidates gain clarity about the profession and ultimately make informed decisions.

Says Khyati, “Being an outsider, building a network and understanding practical applications in a new industry was a challenge. Mentors and my family supported me at turning points which made my journey smoother. CFA Society India has helped me overcome all obstacles as it has helped me network among the who’s who of the investment world. The continuous professional development supported my smooth transition from the academic to the practical application of life. “

Building resilience is a personal process. You need to recognize your weaknesses and then employ the right coping mechanisms to address them. These skills cannot be developed overnight. The support of the CFA Society India strengthens your self-confidence and clarity. As much as the COVID-19 pandemic has robbed us of aspects of our freedom, there is one thing we should be thankful for and that is the never-ending opportunity to become even more resilient.