How To Organize A Move

How To Organize A Move

The summer period is generally conducive to moving. Mutations, changes in regions, marriages, separations, flight of children are often the causes. However, moving, says upheaval, leads to stress and anxieties. But they can also bring joy.

How To Organize A Move

The organization of the move:

Some people get there very quickly; for others, it is more complicated, and it can cause a lot of stress. Having moved a lot at one time in my life, I will try to give you my method. It worked well for me, and after the 4th move, I was beautiful!

Get organized upstream:

Unless it is a hasty departure, we usually know in advance that we are going to move. It is good to make a list to note all the steps to be taken. Because let’s not forget that, who says moving, says administrative formalities! Happiness! We will come back to that.

The mover’s choice:

There are two scenarios: either you move with a bunch of friends, and there you take risks! They give up on D-Day, you jerk around carrying a wardrobe, you are so tired that you no longer control anything.

Or you turn to a moving professional who will take away a considerable worry. I know what I’m talking about; I have experienced both cases.

Of course, going through a professional will cost you more than doing it alone, but peace of mind and your health comes at a price!

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So whether you call on a moving professional or friends, you will have to either book the mover or book a truck. The first thing to put on your list.

If you are doing it alone, consider requesting parking permits if you are moving to town. It could save your life if you arrive in a tiny street and have to block it all day!

The packages:

There are also two scenarios, if you do it alone, you must get some boxes, and you have to think about it well in advance.

If you go through a professional, he will deliver a battery of boxes to you a few days before. I advise you to request them as soon as possible.


Because you will be able to start packing the excess, that is to say, what will not be vital in the next two months.

Books, CDs, Sunday crockery, your winter outfits (if you move in summer). You will be able on this occasion to operate a great sorting in your cupboards and get rid of “everything that could be used” but which will never be used again!

With this method, you will be able to store your boxes in the corner of a room or a guest room, and you will not have the impression of living in a mess.

Labels and marker:

Two minor things that will save your life during your future move. Once your boxes are made and closed (do not leave them open, thinking that you might need to retrieve something!) Put labels naming the contents, and a significant marker indicates the room where the box will be placed.

It will be handy for the movers who will go directly to store your items in the chosen room and for you, who will find your small items very quickly.

The notebook :

A method that I put to good use during my last move. You will say that I am an organizational psycho, but I assure you that it is convenient.

As your boxes pile up against a wall and are annotated and listed by pieces, you put a number on them. In your notebook, you write down the rooms in my new house, and I put the numbers of the boxes that correspond. It will take you 5 minutes and will save you a lot of time when you move in.


  • parents room = box 3/6/10
  • Living room = box 1/2/4 etc.


Get up early! If you’ve chosen the buddy option, plan a massive picnic and drinks. If you prefer professional movers, offer them good coffee, croissants, and brioches. They will be delighted and in excellent condition to move your belongings. Take a deep breath, and imagine your future home and your future decoration!

In a few days, you will be at home, surrounded by all your things easily found thanks to your notebook and your concrete organization!