ICYMI: Carnegie Mellon College Says PA Primed to Lead in Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Harrisburg, PA – A recent report from a team of Carnegie Mellon University graduate students said Pennsylvania has the potential to create a world-class innovation economy and is poised to be a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Pennsylvania’s Innovation Economics report is supported by a web dashboard wireframe, a set of policy, budget, data collection, and follow-up recommendations for the Wolf administration. The report and dashboard are designed to serve as tools for the public, policy makers, business development organizations, administrators, business organizations and university administrations to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the state, research and development finance, business creation, venture capital, education, employment, talent retention, transportation and Broadband access.

Department of Community and Economic Development Secretary Dennis Davin noted:

“More than a year ago, Governor Wolf called for action to promote innovation and technology across the Commonwealth. A key tool was developing a comprehensive report that analyzes our strengths and weaknesses and serves as an outline for strategic steps we can take to move forward in an innovation-driven economy. The team of CMU students have worked closely with my agency for several months to research, collaborate and develop some of the most valuable tools we have to keep up with a modern and technology-driven world.

While Pennsylvania has historically been an innovation leader, with this design we can now capitalize on the strong assets we have and more accurately identify and address our ability to attract, nurture, and support new businesses for the state high-quality educational opportunities and strengthening of research and development, from which both companies and communities in all 67 districts benefit.

The Wolf administration is grateful for the valued and long-term partnership with the CMU and endeavors to use the information and recommendations from this study. Achievements such as the results of the hard work of this team of students show how proactive collaboration can help advance Pennsylvania’s innovation economy for the benefit of all of us for years to come. “

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Rachel Wrigley, DCED, [email protected]