If Gawker Is Good, Is It Nonetheless Gawker?


Twitter may have taken on the old Gawker mission of exposing the underside of the media elite, but Ms. Finnegan said there was a similar charge of “posting an opinion that everyone secretly shares but nobody speaks out loud”.

She has sent out guidelines to her staff under the heading “Gawker Religious Text,” which offer a fairly predictable set of goals. The “people we can make fun of” category includes the obvious targets – celebrities, royals and politicians, The New York Times – as well as left-wing Twitter villains Glenn Greenwald and Thomas Chatterton Williams.

To get a feel for Gawker’s postponements, I asked Ms. Finnegan if she had published a list of anonymous allegations against “media men” that became public in 2017. she wouldn’t now.

Old Gawker had another source of energy, which the writer Vanessa Grigoriadis described in 2007 as “the anger of the creative underclass”. Gawker spoke for a generation of fearful, hypercompetitive New York City writers who had grown up at a time when “the $ 200,000-a-year print publisher job was once an achievable goal for those close to the newsroom Climbed to the top ”. Departments has almost disappeared. “

This anger found another outlet, however: the labor movement. Among the first generation of writers whose sensitivities were educated online, Gawker began so in 2015 when his staff voted to join the Writers Guild of America-East. The move quickly spread across the digital media industry. Six years later, it doesn’t play out in blog comments, but rather in a fiercely competitive election that pit the screenwriters who traditionally served it against some of them radicalized digital media newbies.

Bustle employees are also about to join the Writers Guild. Ms. Finnegan is now in management, but she said she didn’t expect her site to break out into the kind of internal conflict that used to be open to the public at old Gawker and that cost her her job there.

“I realized that I like a job and I like giving people jobs and I don’t want to waste that,” she said. “So maybe that makes it a little less self-destructive.”