Ikea goals to triple jobs created via social entrepreneurship


Swedish company Ikea aims to triple the number of jobs created in vulnerable communities by 2025 by expanding its social entrepreneurship business.

The furniture giant has been working with social entrepreneurs since 2012 and has done work for around 30,000 people, affecting almost 150,000 family members. According to a statement, the company now aims to achieve 95,000 jobs by working with existing and new partners.

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The initiative supports marginalized groups and women in vulnerable communities and helps them make products such as hand-woven pillowcases, baskets and rugs. Ikea provides them with affordable materials like cotton and banana fiber, and offers expertise that ranges from design and production to improving working conditions. The aim is to promote financial independence and potentially life-changing opportunities.

The handcrafted products, which include flower pots and tool bags, are then sold in Ikea warehouses and online. His partners include the social entrepreneur Rangsutra in India and the Jordan River Foundation, which employs female refugees. Both make pillow cases.

“I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved, but I know there is a lot more we can do,” said Vaishali Misra, who leads the Ikea Social Entrepreneurs Initiative, told retailers to do the same. “

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