In an occasion The Younger and Stressed What retains India s Entrepreneurship Flame Burning


Several up-and-coming startup giants spoke to BW Business World, moderated by Sunil Kumar, about their business and their ideas.

Mr. Ankush Singla, Coding Ninjas Co-Founder and Captain Coder, says, “You can change anything when you’re in training.” Mr. Ankush Singla described how he first went to offline training to understand every aspect of this area, and then went online. How his team designed courses that will take you from zero to hero. “Education is no longer limited to classrooms. The company could see the importance of coding and programming and the way to go, ”he says.

Mr. Vikram Subburaj, Co-Founder and CEO of Giottus Cryptocurrency Exchange, India’s Leading Crypto Assets Trading Platform, says:

Large companies that hold their reserves in cash are depreciating and looking for alternative assets like Bitcoin. Giottus offers the crypto industry services even in difficult times. Giottus has a strong and loyal customer base. It was one of the few exchanges that was able to thrive and grow in a difficult regulatory environment in India.

Mr. Shikhil Sharma, Founder and CEO of Astra Security, speaks about current trends in cybersecurity. Attacks and hackers are becoming more intelligent and innovative. Web security is a must for any type of business. We made web security very easy for businesses, especially those who are clueless about business security. Nowadays, hackers take advantage of the emotional void in people’s minds regarding COVID-19 so that they (people) can be easily hacked and targeted. It is for this reason that we have developed and offered affordable scanners that cannot buy great security. Since everyone is right about security, right? ” he says.

Mr. Vivek Srivastava, Founder of Health Care at Home India, speaks about the scope and opportunities of the health sector in India. He says, “When we started, people didn’t know what home health care was. People didn’t think ICU chemotherapy could be done at home, but now people are realizing that. We try to treat by allowing doctors to step outside the hospital. The trip was challenging yet encouraging. The positive feedback from the customer motivated me in the highly competitive environment of the Indian healthcare industry. “

Mr. Ajay Lakhotia, founder of Stockgro, says, “People are afraid of losing money.” At Stockgro we build an equity book instead of a loan book. We enable our users to understand the behavior of other users on the exchange and to learn from it. We help them with simple psychological problems and give them solutions. We realized that there was one corner that nobody really thought about, namely the power and impact of one’s own social circle.

Mr. Vimal Singh, founder of Ready Assist, says about the efficiency of India’s young generation. We use information intelligence to match the right mechanic for a problem based on their skills, competencies, experience, ratings, locations, disciplines, and many other factors. We’re making a huge difference to our economy by building skills and creating jobs for youth who directly support our country’s ecosystem.