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“Inside IU Basketball with Archie Miller” returned Monday night with play-by-play announcer Don Fischer. Miller recapitulated IU’s win against Northwestern and the loss in the state of Ohio. He was also looking forward to Indiana’s home games that week against Minnesota and Michigan State.

– Miller said any Big Ten win is worth a “celebration” considering how difficult the league has been this season. The win in Northwestern was “big” for the Hoosiers and Indiana was able to “seize” some opportunities. Miller reiterated how physical the state of Ohio was, citing rebound and sales as two key areas for Saturday’s loss in Columbus.

– Miller said there was “no question” that Indiana was struggling with slow starts. “We are not able to use our chances around the basket.” Miller said he wasn’t sure if it was “a nerve thing” or a “feeling thing” but said the team weren’t a “confident starter” on the offensive. Miller said early relegation is not a good trend to succeed in the Big Ten. However, Miller said it wasn’t that easy just telling the team, “You have to start faster.”

– Miller said that Tracye Jackson-Davis “felt his way” through the games and that he “thought a little too much” at the beginning of the game. As the game progresses, Jackson-Davis “just keeps getting better,” according to Miller. Miller said Jackson-Davis did a great workout outside the state of Ohio and did one of his best practices of the season on Monday. Miller said IU staff are trying to work with Jackson-Davis to get him to start the Games better.

– Sales have been an issue in recent games, and these mishaps have been particularly costly in the state of Ohio. “We’re turning it a little too much.” Miller said second-half sales were also an issue in the Rutgers and Illinois games. “This is a big point for our team going into the game in Minnesota on Wednesday.” Miller said Indiana doesn’t have the room for error to make high sales.

– Indiana’s guard game against the state of Ohio – the guards were 5 out of 19 together – wasn’t good enough and Miller said the “level of trust” is a big part of it. Miller said in defeating Northwestern, Al Durham Jr. and Armaan Franklin made all games. But in Ohio State, Indiana’s guards got some early glances and missed them. “I think our boys get a little bit down when they miss a shot. We didn’t get a good guard game against the state of Ohio. “

– This week is important for the Hoosiers and Indiana needs to take the chances at home, according to Miller. “They’ve been very consistent about showing up with a good attitude,” Miller said. Miller admitted there’s some pressure this week, starting with Minnesota on Wednesday.

– Miller said Jerome Hunter had had a good week playing with a “chip on his shoulder”. Hunter’s attitude was good, according to Miller, adding that it gives Indiana a “bit of toughness”. The Hoosiers also need the hunter’s ability to shoot from a range. “This is a big week for him, we’re going to need him,” Miller said of Hunter.

– Miller said that Khristian Lander has shown that he is the “only guard on this team who can see the ground”. Although Lander had too many sales in the Ohio State game, Miller said the freshman guard “plays with more confidence”. Miller said he also believes Lander can “shoot the ball” and that he is “in a good place right now”. Miller said Lander would see more minutes.

– The state of Ohio made it difficult, according to Miller Armaan Franklin. “He plays really hard. We need his defense. We need its rebound. “Miller said if Indiana can break through in the next few weeks, Franklin will be a primary reason for it. He said there is no question about Franklin’s stance or how hard he plays.

– Miller said Kenya Hunter in Indiana was one of the main reasons Parker Stewart chose Indiana. Miller said Stewart had practical help, weight lifting and skill training. “Just seeing him in action will be a big part of what we do,” Miller said. Miller also said he loves that shooting is his “greatest strength”. Miller said Stewart was entitled to two more years.

– “This is a big week in the standings for many teams and especially for us,” said Miller. Minnesota has some of the most impressive wins in the Big Ten in Miller’s opinion. Miller also said Minnesota fought on the streets. “They are led by perhaps the best point guard in the league in Marcus Carr.” Miller also mentioned Liam Robbins, Gabe Kalscheur, Jamal Mashburn Jr., and Brandon Johnson as guys who can have an impact on the Gophers. Miller said Indiana must stop Minnesota from crossing over and keep Carr working halfway up. Miller said priority one is recovering and Minnesota can turn Indiana around too. “It’s going to be a Heckuva game,” said Miller.

– Miller said Rob Phinisee was really big against Carr last season and limited his attempts to shoot. “You have to get someone to hit you,” Miller said of Carr. Miller also said Minnesota shoots as many 3-pointers as any team in the league. “For me, the X factor in the game is the 3-point line. If Minnesota does 3s, they’ll be hard to beat. “

– Miller says the Big Ten should “not force teams to play games”. When asked about Michigan, Miller said he doesn’t see the Wolverines play 10 games in 20 days. “There has to be a give and a take so you can’t make everyone do it,” Miller said.

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