Infosys board varieties new committee focussed on ESG


Infosys announced on Wednesday that it has established an environmental, social and governance committee of the board of directors (ESG committee).

Independent Directors of the Infosys Board – Chitra Nayak and Uri Levine – have been appointed members of the ESG Committee, and Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Senior Independent Director of the Infosys Board, has been appointed Chair of the ESG Committee.

The ESG Committee meets regularly and guides the Board in exercising its oversight responsibilities on issues related to organization-wide ESG initiatives, priorities and leading ESG practices.

A press release from the company said it will continue to focus on advancing environmental, social and governance issues by announcing its ESG Vision 2030 in 2020.

This is part of Infosys’ longstanding commitment to focus on core areas: climate change, technology for good, diversity and inclusion, engaging local communities, ethics and transparency, privacy and information management. Last year, Infosys went climate neutral 30 years before 2050, the schedule set in the Paris Agreement.