‘Innovation and entrepreneurship should serve society past profitability’ – 30 quotes from Indian startup journeys


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A magnetic brand makes the customer feel worthy and privileged. – Siddharth Rajsekar, internet lifestyle hub

Be yourself and be confident. When a woman feels confident, our world is better off. – Sharen Jester Turney, ex-Victoria’s Secret

We owe it to ourselves to speak loudly about what we want and to strive for. Be persistent, resilient, and don’t give up until you get your money. – Kavita Shenoy, Voiro

It’s okay to fall in love and marry someone with a different belief, background, religion, caste, etc. – Samar Halarnkar, India Love Project

With disposable incomes rising and more discerning millennials entering parenting, the is [toys and games] The market is ripe for growth. – Saumil Schaha

As soon as you focus together on water, sanitation, health, education and livelihoods, the effect is lasting and the villages can be fully empowered. – Ronnie Screwvala, Swades Foundation

More than 95 percent of our daily water consumption is non-drinking water. – Sudeep Nadukkandy, water science

Eco-friendly hygiene products are on the rise to make carpets that protect both residents and the environment. These carpet collections are associated with environmentally related reuse, reuse, recycling and environmental themes. – Richard Morris, Inter Brand Carpets

Those of us who produce content with creativity at its core face a challenge as we struggle against algorithms that don’t care about the quality of our craft. – Anindito Mukherjee, DesignUp 2021

Nothing makes you feel more like an adult than being responsible for another person – for their safety, well-being, physical and intellectual development. – Ritesh Banglani, Stellaris Venture Partners

Mentoring is very important and also very difficult. It’s like helping young parents raise their children. – Apoorva Ranjan Sharma, Venture Catalysts

Having a tracker is an easy way to get and stay more disciplined. It’s amazing how motivated you can be just seeing what you’re following. – Deepa Kannan, PFNR

Even if the milk is obtained from all farmers in India, it will not meet the need for ghee. – Kamaljit Kaur, Kimmu’s kitchen

Indian consumers deserve world-class beauty options without burning a hole in their pockets. – Anurag Kedia, Pilgrim

As India ushers in the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration, it is important to ensure that critical environmental and social principles are anchored in restoration policies, programs and campaigns. – Marie Duraisami, WRI India

Almost 75 percent of our population come from rural India and believe in a curative approach to health rather than a preventive one. And that’s a big problem. – Partha Pratim Das, EzeRx

Hospitals across India want the same provider to serve chains in all cities and provide an end-to-end solution. – Chandan Singh, Sorterz

In India, the local language services in the contact centers play a crucial role for companies with customers across India. – Sachin Bhatia, Ameyo

Indian art defies any silos that are easy to tailor in order to develop a self-confident assertion of its own identity. – Ashish Anand, DAG

Branding and communication are a crucial element of culture formation. – Ved Prakash, Trianz

When it comes to knowledge management, trust and personal responsibility are the best marketing agents. – Manoj Hariharan, Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

Successful partnerships require open-mindedness and a deep appreciation of our mutual dependency. This is not a zero sum game. – Theodora Lau and Bradley Leimer, “Beyond Good”

When starting a new business, you may get overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start or which direction to go. But remember to take one step in front of the other and stick with it. – Shamika Haldipurkar, d’you

Find and surround yourself with the best possible talent and trust your team, root for them and let them do their best job – this is where the magic happens. – Natasha Malpani Oswal, Limitless Media

Never take up a job that struggles with your integrity and your sense of justice. It may seem like it doesn’t matter at first, but it can undermine your belief in the long run. – Bhavani Iyer

“Failure to succeed” will soon be the new mantra for budding entrepreneurs in the country. The days are not far when we will celebrate failure. – MS Sahoo, IBBI

Entrepreneurship is about seeing opportunities where none seem to exist, and it is about solving problems that appear unsolvable to a skilled eye. – Varun Duggirala, The Glitch

Today entrepreneurs are looking for more than just investors – they want value-added partners who understand consumers and brands. – Nicholas Cator, Venturi partner

The real investors in a startup are YOU, the founders! – Sanjay Swamy, Prime Ventures

Experimentation is an integral part of entrepreneurship. The mindset of trying new things and experimenting must be encouraged at an early stage. – Davinder Singh, BML Munjal University

Innovation and entrepreneurship must serve society beyond profitability. – Aastha Mehta, MediBrace

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