Introducing Tasktop Viz™ VSM Portfolio Insights, Bridging the IT-to-Enterprise Hole for Worth Stream Administration at Scale


VANCOUVER, BC, April 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Tasktop, the company that creates the universal integration and visualization standard for Value Stream Management (VSM), today announced the new Tasktop Viz ™ VSM Portfolio Insights dashboard. VSM Portfolio Insights is designed to deliver tangible and quantifiable value to the business, providing IT and product leaders and C-level executives with deep insights into the successes and areas of improvement in digital transformation. The new VSM Portfolio Insights help software teams publish products that have a greater impact on their business and enable executives to develop better business strategies. Tasktop also announced today $ 100 million in new funding to drive further VSM innovation and business growth.

“So many digital transformation initiatives struggle with the complexity of the teams, tools, and metrics in IT organizations. We’re removing that complexity and replacing it with the actionable visibility required to innovate quickly,” he said Mik Kersten, CEO at Tasktop. “Executives and executives need a more agile method to drive systemic improvements compared to local optimizations, and must ensure that lurking problems are not masked by average values ​​that do not consider each product value stream individually. No company or technology leader can react quickly enough without a uniform and Universal method for understanding and communicating the metrics within these value streams on the market. That is exactly what VSM Portfolio Insights offers. “

Tasktop Viz VSM Portfolio Insights dashboard

The VSM Portfolio Insights Dashboard rolls metrics and analyzes generated at the level of the individual product value streams to the management level. The interactive dashboard provides consolidated insights into the performance, quality, value and impact of the delivery, including:

  • The progress of the shift from project to product based IT
  • The ability to react quickly to the market
  • The business processes that can be accelerated namely: characteristics for cash, failure to solve, risk for damage control or debt for repayment
  • There is currently a lack of adequate investments in the areas of added value and value protection

“It is notoriously difficult for many to carry out and optimize digital transformation without adequate visibility,” he said Bryan Fleming, former SVP, Product & Technology T-Mobile. “Tasktop’s Insights Dashboard promises to solve this massive problem and save millions by delivering a data-driven approach across product portfolios directly to our IT executives. This enhancement of visibility, which has always been the focus of Viz, is tremendous valuable for handling business priorities and linking them directly to product delivery and performance. “

This executive contact point helps you focus quickly on the areas that require attention and support, and shows exemplary value streams that can be used to mentor others.

“We hear time and again that customers are trying to better maintain and improve the IT and business management relationship. The new VSM insights at the portfolio level show what is working and what needs to be improved so that executives can drill down to the product level if necessary and Working with them can get direct reports on progress towards business goals and continuous improvement, “explained Nicole Bryan, CPO at Tasktop. “The emphasis on business impact and long-term value also shifts the perception of IT as a cost center to what it really is – a profit center.”

New Insights into Tasktop Viz Product Improvement

VSM Portfolio Insights include:

  • “Shift to Product” insights that enable CIOs and IT managers to measure the shift from project to product-based IT and to inform them which products are involved:
    • Measure business value flow through your end-to-end value streams
    • Prioritizing the right functions to achieve specific business goals
    • Actively taking action to improve the flow and focus on high quality business initiatives
  • Agile improvement insights that identify where heavy workloads are draining resource capacity and reducing the ROI from transformation efforts. These findings indicate the following:
    • When products bite off more work than they can do, the work in progress gets stale and time-to-market increases
    • When products will realistically have capacity for new work based on their current workload
    • Which business processes can expect longer throughput times: function for redeeming cash, error in the solution, risk for reduction or debt for repayment
  • Product management improvement insights that will help executives develop new product management skills in existing employees and shift focus from short-term gains to long-term value. These findings highlight products that experience:
    • Low feature delivery, indicating a slowdown in the new features required for business growth
    • High distribution of errors, with quality problems endangering customer satisfaction
    • Increased exposure to fines and violations from neglecting the risk
    • Decreased ability to accelerate innovation over the long term by neglecting debt

“Our organization has undergone a shift towards a more product-centric approach. During this process, Tasktop Viz and Hub have been instrumental in making our delivery more efficient,” he said And Hedstrom, Chief Information Officer at Cubic Corporation. “As leaders, visibility through our value streams has helped us learn and improve. This success enables us to scale faster, focus on innovation and ultimately deliver more value to our customers.”

Tasktop Viz started in March 2020 So that traditional companies can transform their software development to compete with high performing digital natives by instantly providing an external lens that focuses on business results. For more information on Tasktop Viz, please visit

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Tasktop’s Value Stream Management platform enables companies to master software on a large scale. Leading brands, including half of the Fortune 100, use Tasktop to gain real-time visibility into the health of product value streams and make better decisions and align with business goals. Tasktop integrates with existing tools and overlays the end-to-end value stream to provide the abstractions, automations, visualizations and forensics required for daily value stream management.

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