Ionic Supplies Faucets Michael Edelman as New CEO


The entrepreneur Michael Edelman is moving to Ionic Materials as CEO

“Michael Edelman has the perfect combination of industry vision and experience to drive the company forward,” said Jan van Dokkum, Chairman of Ionic Materials

Ionic Materials, a materials science company focused on innovative polymers for solid-state batteries, healthcare and 5G applications, today announced changes to the executive board to accelerate the company’s development and growth. The company appointed Dr. Michael Edelman, a company executive with 30 years of experience in materials science, semiconductor electronics, and chemistry, as the new Chief Executive Officer. Mike Zimmerman, founder of Ionic Materials, will continue to drive technical innovation within the company through his new role as Chief Scientist.

“Mike Zimmerman did an excellent job transforming ionic materials from a research idea into a leading source of polymer innovation,” said Jan van Dokkum, chairman of Ionic Materials. “It was clear, however, that as the company grew, Mike would have less and less time to drive technical innovation. So it is a natural time to adjust your role and add additional management firepower. Michael Edelman has the perfect combination of industry vision and experience to drive the company forward. “

Mike Zimmerman, Chief Scientist, Ionic Materials, added, “The Board of Directors and I have decided it is time to expand the management team to advance Ionic Materials into the next phase of growth and I am excited to have the opportunity to to work closely with him Michael. I look forward to handing over the management of the company and refocusing on what I love and what is critical to the company’s success – creating innovative, high-impact polymers that form the basis of ionic materials. ”

As an entrepreneur with 30 years of experience, Michael Edelman has led companies in the fields of materials science, semiconductor electronics and chemistry. He specializes in bringing new, IP-rich technologies to large markets and has been responsible for developing strong partnerships and raising funds in both the private and public markets. Prior to joining Ionic Materials, Michael was Chief Executive Officer of Nanoco Group PLC, a leading global technology developer and manufacturer of semiconductor nanomaterials for use in advanced electronics. Michael was responsible for building the company from start-up funding from the company’s listing. Michael has a Ph.D. in organometallic chemistry from the University of Sussex, England, and his BS in Chemistry and Classics from Tufts University, Boston, MA.

“I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to join the Ionic Materials team,” said Michael Edelman, new CEO of Ionic Materials. “Under Mike’s leadership, the company has built an amazing foundation for innovation and I look forward to working with this talented team to shape the future of advanced polymers.”

About ionic materials

Ionic Materials is a materials science company focused on innovative polymers for battery, healthcare and 5G applications. The company delivers breakthrough innovation to its customers – developing and delivering novel polymer solutions on a large scale with the technical capabilities to transform critical markets. Ionic Materials was developed by a world-class team of polymer scientists and is headquartered in Woburn, MA.

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