Ja Rule Completes Harvard Enterprise Program on Entrepreneurship


Dave Chappelle once famously asked: “Where is yes?!?” – and right now the answer is … on the closing page of Harvard’s online business wizards program.

The rapper and businessman published the results of his enrollment in the Harvard Business School online certificate program … and it says clearly as a day Jeffrey Atkins (Ja’s government name) completed it successfully.

It looks like he’s also specialized in one area … Entrepreneurship Skills. The description reads … “This certificate program introduces a framework – People, Opportunity, Context, Deal – to evaluate opportunities, manage startups and fund companies.”

Yes rule was humble about the performance, tweeted … “I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer buuuuut …” OK, see you JR! And we have to say the timing is kind of perfect.

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Remember, Ja has a few tech and start-up things up its sleeve – including a new app called Iconn that makes celebrity bookings easier. He gave us the overview on it not long ago and even invited former Prez Trump to join.

However, no Proud Boys – or Proud Boy hate acts – are allowed, as he made clear in our interview.

And of course we know that Ja is a great finance professional – like him recently weighed in on Robinhood’s controversial limit on trades amid the insane wave of GameStop trading So yes, things are cooking for him … and even more so since he got a Hahvahd education.