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The brand new ‘STARTUP SECRETS BLACKBOOK’ combines entrepreneurship and entertainment to enable a new generation of diverse entrepreneurs in the age of TikTok, Shark Tank and COVID-19

YUCAIPA, Calif., March 2, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – Swiss Business Tools announced the release of the groundbreaking book “STARTUP SECRETS BLACKBOOK”. The book enables a new, diverse generation of post-pandemic entrepreneurs dealing with massive economic challenges, minimal consumer attention spans, and a digital first approach.

“We are facing challenging times. The ‘STARTUP SECRETS BLACKBOOK’ symbolizes the beginning of a new era of entrepreneurship that is reaching a new generation of entrepreneurs after the pandemic that we would never have reached before, ”says Dominik Tarolli, the book’s author. “In the past, startup or entrepreneurship books were difficult to read, complicated, and couldn’t reach a mass audience. ‘STARTUP SECRETS BLACKBOOK’ combines entertainment with entrepreneurship and effective business tools that enable a new generation of entrepreneurs after a pandemic. “

“STARTUP SECRETS BLACKBOOK” is an effective, practical playbook with which you can test any business idea in 7 simple steps and help budding entrepreneurs to start a business. It combines the latest in entrepreneurship research with entertaining stories from James Bond, Gene Simmons (KISS), Guy Kawasaki, and many others to grab the attention of this new, diverse generation of entrepreneurs.

“’STARTUP SECRETS BLACKBOOK’ provides expert advice on how to test and start your own company. The book and the business tools can be implemented at the stand and are based on the latest research results, ”says Professor Thomas Zellweger from the University of St. Gallen. “I can only recommend this book, get inspiration, learn and become a better founder.”

On the cover of “STARTUP SECRETS BLACKBOOK” you can see Startupman, a fictional startup hero who was created by Oscar®-nominated animator Simon Otto (ex Dreamworks (“How To Train Your Dragon” 1-3), ex Netflix etc.) was designed.


“STARTUP SECRETS BLACKBOOK” is available from Amazon (hardcover, eBook & audio book) or free of charge at: http://www.startupsecretsblackbook.com/.

Startupman goods are available at: http://www.swissbusinesstools.com/

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