JNTUH launches scholar start-up coverage to foster innovation & entrepreneurship


HYDERABAD: The Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Hyderabad (JNTUH) introduced a guideline for the formation of students from the following academic year, which corresponds to the national innovation and start-up policy of the Union’s Ministry of Education.

Jayesh Ranjan, the responsible vice chancellor, announced the policy shortly after it was approved by the Executive Board. JNTUH said the policy will play a vital role in supporting student innovation and the incubation of technology startups. He said that JNTUH had worked creatively over the past year to take advantage of the strong start-up ecosystem of the state of Telangana and the credit flexibility of AICTE to close doors for start-up incubation on campus to open.

As part of this policy, student innovations and entrepreneurial activities are considered as mini / large projects. “Enable students to work on innovative prototypes / problem validations, case study reports, open issue projects, and participate in social entrepreneurship from year one to earn credits equivalent to a mini-project,” a university press release said.

Students are also granted a maximum of 10 percent exemption for attending events, bootcamps, conferences, etc. in all years. “Allow the possibility of a gap year after the 2nd year, provided that the degree is completed within the specified time. The application and prior approval by the review committee (within the first month of the semester) are mandatory, ”the press release said.

In addition, students can specialize in minors such as entrepreneurship, innovation and products, and design engineering by earning 18 to 20 credits in addition to the credits for awarding the BTech degree. The courses should be attended by MOOCs over the fifth to sixth semester. Engineering institutions are rated annually by the university according to the index for innovation and entrepreneurship.