John Lawson Takes Us by way of His Journey within the World of Entrepreneurship


Photo credit: John Kevin Lawson

The world of entrepreneurship offers many different avenues to success and revenue for anyone willing to follow it. Sometimes these avenues are hidden from the public and can only be found by the truly enterprising entrepreneur. John Lawson’s entrepreneurial journey took him one of these routes while his colleagues enjoyed concerts and the nightlife. Lawson saw how this night life could create wealth for him.

Lawson says he was working as a club promoter in Montreal when he saw the huge revenue potential in the club scene. This is where his heroic deeds as an entrepreneur really began. In his role as promoter, Lawson made many important connections with internationally renowned artists, connections that he says would serve him well in his establishment

in the event coordination. After strengthening his connections and setting his goal of becoming a successful event coordination entrepreneur, Lawson enrolled in a degree specializing in organizing events and shows. From there, Lawson started his own digital events company. the “Johnk Agence”. Commenting on his journey through the world of entrepreneurship that ultimately led him to success, Lawson says, “Confidence and determination can take you anywhere you want to go in life. With a clear vision you will always achieve your goal. “

John Lawson is now best known for the Afrobeach and Afrocity events he launched and the various club nights he has hosted across Montreal. Lawson has also grown in importance for his foundation; “PDE AFRQUE”, which offers opportunities to African entrepreneurs.

Every journey a business owner takes is inspiring, but some journeys prove just how far you can believe in a vision.