Jose Mourinho: Ex-Tottenham boss says he’ll ‘wait to be again’ after sacking


Jose Mourinho packs up after being fired from Spurs

Jose Mourinho says he will “wait until he’s back in football” after being sacked as Tottenham manager in April.

The Portuguese, 58, was dismiss After 17 months, he was responsible for a poor second half of the season that saw Spurs slip from the top of the Premier League to seventh place.

Mourinho will work as an expert this summer during Euro 2020.

“I have no plans,” he said. “I’m getting on with my normal life. I feel fresh. I feel calm. I’m on vacation.”

He told that Times Magazine:external link “I have more time to do my homework and analysis.

“I’ll wait until I’m back in football. Not just for the right club, but also for the right culture. Maybe next season is premature, we’ll see.”

This season, Mourinho, who has also directed Chelsea, Manchester United, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Porto, suffered 10 defeats in a single season for the first time in his managerial career.

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