Journey with out Touring: Bringing Tulum, Paris, and Scotland Residence


While many of us are still not far from the sofa for a while, longing for mild afternoons under the Yucatán skies or strolls across misty Scottish moors or a real glass of French fizz can be expected. In other words, Tulum, the capricious Scottish Highlands, and Paris are three of the places we miss the most right now. This is how we bring these dreamy destinations home.

Paris view


Incredibly buttery croissants, a bang of champagne in front of the Café de Flore … oui, we miss Paris. A lot of. The next time we land at CDG, the schedule will be in order: a night at the magnificently renovated Le Bristol, lunch in September, a lazy afternoon of gallery hopping on September 8th. At the moment we decide to bring to us the essence of one of the most ethereal cities in Europe. Have a good trip – or rather, no trip.

French agents

Juliette Binoche, happy little bitches and one mishap after another: Call My Agent is an extremely charming portrayal of Parisians who are Parisians. The show features a group of talent agents trying to get out of frequent mishaps with their Megawatt clients. But really, it’s a lovable fifty minutes of the antics of the French occupation in town. We’re tough for season five.

  1. Netflix CALL MY AGENT

    Netflix CALL MY AGENT Netflix


Lost in the Louvre

The Louvre has increased its virtual presence and the offerings do not disappoint. Since you cannot wander through the many galleries and pay your respects to the Mona Lisa, we recommend that you join the Advent of the Artist tour. Spend an hour zooming in on works by Delacroix and Rembrandt without tourists blocking your view.


    The Louvre ARTIST’S ADVENT The Louvre, free

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The capricious, misty, historic landscape of the Scottish Highlands is the topography we crave for an earthy journey into the wild. The rugged, stony hills; shimmering lakes; and moss green vistas make it a place of untamed beauty. The tartans, cozy hotels (we’ll check out Gleneagles) and whiskey aren’t bad either.

Pour a dram

Windswept island location? Check. Third generation local distillery? Check. Peaty whiskey on the tongue? Check. Laphroaig is one of the oldest and most beautifully landscaped distilleries in Scotland. The virtual tour is detailed, yet easy to digest.


    Laphroaig VIRTUAL DESTILLERY TOUR Laphroaig, free of charge

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Scotland meets Shakespeare

Dark Shakespearean drama set in the heart of the Highlands. Many worked their way through Macbeth at school, and Justin Kurzel’s film adaptation is a triumph of eeriness, beautifully shot.


    MACBETH Amazon Prime


Tartan and tweed

Araminta Campbell is the Scottish queen of textiles, responsible for the lavish selection of tweeds at the wonderfully whimsical Fife Arms in Braemar. Custom tartans are not reserved for the established clans, however. Book a virtual appointment with Campbell to design your own family tweed or tartan and browse their stunning on-screen showroom.

  1. Araminta Campbell VIRTUAL APPOINTMENT

    Araminta Campbell VIRTUAL APPOINTMENT Araminta Campbell, price on request

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Highland Fling

Honestly, if you haven’t seen the sexy 18th century epic Outlander, you really should. But like so many other adaptations of period dramas, the book is better. Did Diana Gabaldon’s Historical Fantasy win a Booker Prize? No. But the series is an immensely transporting, fascinating window into turbulent times. Better still, there are eight books in a row (two more to come).

  1. Diana Gabaldon OUTLANDER

    Diana Gabaldon OUTLANDER Bookstore, $ 9


In a nutshell

Shortbread cookies are as typically Scottish as sweet treats. Sure, there are tidy versions, but in the spirit of authenticity, keep old school with a local recipe or order a can of Walkers.


    Walker BREADFINGER Walker, $ 12



This piece of Yucatán has a sultry serenity. Tulum is a dreamlike tropical ecosystem of jungle, sea and Mayan history. In the spirit of travel without travel, bookmark a weekend to reconsider some typical Mexican tastes and textures.

Main line to Maya

Instead of visiting the Mayan ruins on the cliffs north of Tulum, look forward to the majesty of these structures in a virtual collaboration between Google and the British Museum. Learn from Mayan anthropologists and take a carefully guided virtual tour. Nothing replaces the IRL experience, but this is the next best thing.

  1. Google Arts & Culture DISCOVER THE MAYAN WORLD

    Google Arts & Culture DISCOVER THE MAYAN WORLD Google, for free

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Go bowling

The texture and patina of the ceramics, carefully taken home from adventures long ago, spurs everyday dining with something special. 1050 Grados curates the best of artisanal Mexican ceramics, like this traditional bowl cast from local clay and burnished with quartz stone.

  1. 1050 Grados TEA BOWLS

    1050 degrees TEA BOWLS 1050 degrees, $ 420


Samin is acid

Nothing cancels out the pandemic blues like Samin Nosrat’s boundless, sunny enthusiasm and his deep knowledge of everything culinary. The “Acid” episode of Netflix’s Salt Fat Acid Heat takes a deep dive into the savory Yucatecan cuisine. And the colorful backdrop of jungle meets market meets cuisine by Doña Asaria doesn’t hurt.


    Netflix SALT FATTY ACID HEAT Netflix


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