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The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University is one of the best-known business schools in the United States. More than 65,000 students have graduated from this Illinois institution since it was founded in 1851 – including entrepreneurs, innovators, and industry experts.

Numerous executives have graduated from school over the decades, and today Kellogg MBAs work with top companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple.

Ranked as the fourth best MBA in the United States by US News, Kellogg School is known for promoting finance managers and marketing professionals. Here are 10 notable alumni of the Kellogg School of Management.

1. James L. Allen

Founder of Booz Allen Hamilton Consultancy

Class of 1914

James L. Allen, born in 1904, studied economics at Northwestern University from 1929 and then co-founded the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton.

He was a founding member of the Evans Scholarship Program, which provides grants and lodging to golf caddies in Northwestern, and a generous donor from Northwestern University. The James L Allen Center for Executive Education in Kellogg is named after this alum to this day.

2. Douglas R. Conant

Former President and CEO of the Campbell Soup Company

Class from 1976

Chicago-based Douglas Conant is a formidable businessman who was CEO of the Campbell Soup Company until 2011. He received his MBA from Kellogg and worked for brands such as Kraft Foods and Avon Products.

Douglas excels for putting diversity and inclusion practices first and leads Conant Leadership, a program that aims to create responsible leaders for the future. He also writes a regular column in the Harvard Business Review.

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3. Ted Phillips

President and CEO, Chicago Bears

Class from 1989

Ted Phillips was born in New York and received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame. In 1989, he earned a master’s degree in marketing and management from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School.

Since joining the Chicago Bears as president in 1999, the team’s worth has grown exponentially. Between 2020 and 2021 alone, the team’s value rose 16% and they are now the 13th most valuable sports team in the world.

4. Roslyn M. Brock

Chairman of the regional association for the promotion of people of color

Class from 1989

Roslyn earned her MBA in 1999 and is now a leading civil rights activist in the United States. The NAACP works to eradicate racism, promote equality, and shed light on economic, social, and legal issues that blacks face in America.

When she assumed her current position as Chair in 2010, she was only the fourth woman and the youngest person to hold that role.

Previously, Roslyn worked for ten years in health management at the WK Kellogg Foundation.

5. Alexander De Croo

Belgian Prime Minister

Class from 2004


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Alexander has been Prime Minister of Belgium since 2020 and received his MBA from Kellogg in 2004. He has worked in the Belgian government since graduating, as Minister of Finance, Minister for Pensions, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Development Coordination and Head of the Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats.

Prior to his MBA and government career, Alexander was a project manager at the Boston Consulting Group.

6. Doug Monro

CEO and founder of Adzuna

Class from 2002

Prior to founding Adzuna, Doug was COO of the real estate portal Zoopla. He left Zoopla just before going public when it was bought for $ 3 billion.

As a Fullbright and Siebel scholarship holder, he earned his MBA with distinction in the field of entrepreneurship in 2002. His job search platform Adzuna has over 10,000 visitors a month.

7. Steve Haffner

CEO or Kayak and OpenTable

Class from 1997

A leading name in the travel and hospitality industry, Steve earned his MBA in 1997 specializing in finance and marketing.

Kayak is the world’s leading travel search engine based in Stamford, Connecticut and operates websites in over 70 countries that provide travelers with the information they need on flights, hotels, rental cars and package tours. The app is currently going through some AI transformations.


8. Betsy Holden

Former CEO of Kraft Foods

Class from 1982

Betsy earned an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Kellogg in 1982 and has held a variety of positions in the business world.

She is currently a Senior Advisor at McKinsey & Company, serves on the Board of Directors of National Retail Properties Inc and served as Kraft’s CEO for five years.

She has been voted one of FORTUNE’s Most Powerful Women on multiple occasions and was inducted into the Chicago Business Hall of Fame in 2016.

9. Rick Hahn

American baseball manager

Class from 1998

Rick is the senior vice president and general manager of the Chicago White Sox in Major League Baseball. He earned his MBA from Kellogg in 1998, having previously received a PhD from Harvard Law School.

Rick has worked for the Chicago White Sox since 2012. He won the Sporting News Executive of the Year Award in 2020, and in 2011 Sports Illustrated ranked Rick as the number one general manager candidate in Major League Baseball.

10. Cindy Axne

US representative

Class from 2002


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Cindy is an American Democrat who has served as the Iowa Representative since taking office in 2019.

Cindy initially considered a degree in journalism, but eventually opted for an MBA from Kellogg, which she completed in 2002.

After several years in design and consulting, she is now one of the first two Iowa women to be elected to the US House of Representatives.

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