Kerala caps costs of medical objects wanted for COVID therapy


The government of Kerala has published a list of medical articles required for the treatment of COVID-19. They are shown as essential items and have maximum retail prices set on them. This list includes items such as PPE kits, masks, gloves, oxygen masks and oximeters, among other things.

“With the number of COVID cases increasing across the country, the Government of India … directed the state government to take the necessary steps to ensure the availability of medical items to the common man at fair prices and submitted a proposal for fixing the price of the following medical items and also called for them to be declared essential items under the provisions of the Kerala Essential Articles Control Act 1986, “the state government said in an order on Friday.

The government has studied the matter in depth and is pleased to be able to declare the following medical items as essential items at the maximum retail price set here, it added, listing the maximum prices for 15 items.

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The Kerala government has capped the price of PSA kits at Rs 273 per unit, while N95 masks and three-layer masks in the state sell for Rs 22 and Rs 3.90, respectively. Face protection prices were capped at Rs 21, disposable aprons at Rs 12 and surgical gowns at Rs 65. Examination glove prices were capped at Rs 5.75.

Hand sanitizer bottles with capacities of 500 ml, 200 ml and 100 ml are available in the state for 192, 98 and 55 rupees, respectively. A pair of sterile gloves was capped at 15 rupees.

Prices for NRA masks, oxygen masks, flow meters with humidifiers and fingertip pulse oximeters have been capped at Rs 80, Rs 54, Rs 1,520 and Rs 1,500, respectively.

Complaints have been raised across the country about hospitals charging exorbitant prices for the treatment of COVID-19 patients and incorrectly charging for the services provided.

Meanwhile, Kerala extended the state lockdown until May 23 with a high rate of positivity. The restrictions were due to be lifted on May 16.

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