Key COVID-19 numbers within the Ottawa space at this time


  • Ottawa reports 23 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday.
  • No Ottawa COVID-19 patient over the age of 50 is in the intensive care unit.
  • More second doses than first doses have been given since Friday.

Today’s Ottawa Update

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) confirmed an additional 23 cases of COVID-19 and no other deaths.

Ontario is now in the first step of its reopening plan.

Researchers who measured the concentrations of the coronavirus in Ottawa wastewater found the highest values ​​since the beginning of June 2020 in early April 2021. These values ​​fell steadily for weeks and rose again in the last five days on the line chart. (

Numbers to look at

3.3%: The rate of positive COVID-19 tests has decreased.

0.91: The number of people infected with a single COVID-19 case, or R