Lane Kiffin will get $100Ok bonus for Ole Miss’ season-opening win


Mississippi football head coach Lane Kiffin was not with the rebels in their 43-24 win over Louisville Monday night in Atlanta because he tested positive for COVID-19, but he will still receive the $ 100,000 bonus He receives a power five non-conference team for every win in the regular season, said Keith Carter, Mississippi athletics director, after the game.

The bonus is among those listed on a term sheet for Kiffin that was provided by the school earlier this summer in lieu of the agreement between Kiffin and the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation. The foundation provides most of Kiffin’s base salary ($ 4.5 million this season) as well as his bonuses. As a private, non-profit organization, however, it is not subject to any disclosure requirements – and does not make the deal public.

The decision to redeem the bonus makes Kiffin the first coach this season to secure a six-figure performance bonus. Jay Norvell of Nevada and Jeff Traylor of Texas-San Antonio each won $ 25,000 on Saturday as their teams defeated opponents in the Power Five Conference – California and Illinois, respectively.

While Kiffin wasn’t on the sidelines on Monday night, Mississippi didn’t appoint an interim head coach for the game. The athletics department said in a statement that there would be “no change in coaching responsibility for the staff on matchday” and that Kiffin “will be involved in the game plan until kick-off”.

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This is the second time a Mississippi head coach has received this type of bonus. In 2018, Matt Luke raked in $ 150,000 for a non-conference regular season win against a Power Five opponent. That was against Texas Tech, also in an alternate site game earlier in the season.

In addition to the amount Kiffin raised Monday night, he can receive $ 150,000 for every win against an opponent in the Southeastern Conference, starting with the team’s fifth such win in the regular season.

Kiffin’s deal also features a range of incentives in terms of post-season appearances and wins, Coach of the Year awards, the team’s academic performance, and the number of season tickets Mississippi sells.

As in the case when Luke received his bonus for beating Texas Tech, Mississippi will be charged a sizable entry fee for Monday night gaming that will help cover Kiffin’s payment. Assuming it sold all 29,550 tickets it had to buy under the gaming contract, Mississippi will receive a payout of $ 4.25 million.