Lemongrass to Tremendous Crops, Native Entrepreneurship in Inexperienced Agriculture


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:

Quanto Agro, a Mumbai-based AgriTech company, is helping local farmers in India by helping them make the transition to profitable commercial lemongrass growing, aside from accelerating the production of super crops like corn, rice and wheat.

As the third decade of the 21st century begins, India remains a predominantly agrarian nation, both culturally and economically. The agricultural sector contributes almost 16% of the country’s GDP, while over 70% of its population is directly or indirectly linked to agriculture. In general, India’s main commercial crops include rice, wheat, sugar cane and so on.

However, the traditional methods of growing these crops, especially since the Green Revolution, have been largely fertilizer-intensive and unsustainable. As a result, there has been a serious impact on the land, livelihoods and lives of farmers across India.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global scenario around agriculture has shifted twice in line with wider social changes. On the one hand, the focus on sustainable methods and general climate awareness has increased; on the other hand, there is a growing market for organic products such as immunity-boosting tea, natural mosquito repellants and oil extracts.

As a potent raw material for each of these product classes, lemongrass farmers around the world are experiencing a growing global market for their harvest and the consumables obtained from it. So much so that farmers who switch to growing lemongrass have three to four times their annual income.

Quanto Agro was incubated as part of the aroma mission and brought into line with the principle of “grow locally, think globally”. The initial investment went to INR 7 million to develop the country’s growing agri-tech sector. Within two years of its founding, the startup made connections with over 1,500 farmers and managed over 450 acres of land. Striving to be a holistic company in its field, Quanto Agro offers a 360 degree increase in its beneficiaries – from soil testing to a native e-commerce platform – QuantoAgro.com. Through infrastructural training, the startup touches almost every aspect of the farmer’s life, besides improving his income and living standard. E-commerce portals are an important tool for connecting rural agricultural products with urban consumers.

Surendra Agarwal, Quanto Agro co-founder and serial entrepreneur, said, “Lemongrass farming has helped hundreds of farmers around the world achieve stable incomes and better living standards. With this knowledge, we are working to train Indian farmers and provide them with resources such as seeds, infrastructure and technology. Overall, this enables them to achieve higher productivity on their land. “

He added: “In addition to supporting the Atmanirbhar Bharat, Make in India and Aroma Mission initiatives of the Indian government, we are strengthening the country’s holistic efforts towards productive and sustainable agriculture. After lemongrass, we plan to invest in growing super crops to help alleviate India’s malnutrition crisis. “

About Quanto Agroworld Pvt. GmbH.

Quanto Agroworld Pvt. Ltd. was founded on March 21, 2018. Ltd. is a privately held AgriTech company based in Maharashtra and Uttarakhand. The company is geared towards high quality production with minimal waste generation and uses the latest technology and advanced predictive analytics models for optimal allocation of resources, manpower and time.

As of the 2020 financial year, Quanto Agro achieved sales of over 20 million (2 crores) in Maharashtra and Dehradun alone. Based on the initial success and the innovative roadmap, Quanto Agro plans to go public (Initial Public Offering, IPO) in 2024, for which strategic partnerships are currently being invited. Visit the Quanto Agro official website for more information.